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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rapng Republicans

A while ago, the Rude Pundit advocated raping Republicans in quite a literal sense (I believe he also reiterated this in his highly successful live show). I'm all for raping the shit out of conservative America, but first, we must try to do so verbally.

Of course, we haven't. We continue to kowtow to their agenda while going at each other in a manner reminscient of celebrations of Bacchus. Pepper catches Kos in the midst of such an act. Howard Dean says Republicans are the party of white Christians, despite being a party that opposes affirmative action and embraces the religious right like Jim West embraces young boys , and what's the result? Howie apologizes for perhaps putting things too indelicately for Republican constitutions -- the same constitutions that were a-ok with this slanderous shit. The list, of course, goes on and on. But instead of trying to take back the terms of the discourse, supposed leaders of the grassroots left like Kos react, well, like Kos tends to react when someone doesn't fall in line.

This is, of course, entirely counterproductive. In the meantime, Republicans are out there making the word "liberal" the worst label this side of "terrorist." And it's going to take something shocking, at this point, to change our behavior and theirs. Something that, whenever it's displayed on one of those insipid Sunday morning political talk shows or, god forbid, CNN, makes Michael Powell shit himself in agony. It's time to call a motherfucker a motherfucker. It's time to talk, in graphic, graphic detail, about how Republicans are fucking the shit out of the anus that is this country, about how Karl Rove is nothing more than a pathetic old man who enjoys making others suffer to mask his own insecurities over his small, small penis. Let's call the Minutemen what they are -- needledicked, paranoid, overcompensating dipshits. Haley Barbour, with his talk about how Hurricane Katrina is "our tsunami," is a white supremacist stooge who, if there existed a just God, would have been gutted like a fish, while alive, a long time ago. Anyone who wants the 2008 presidential nomination should be up there saying Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell should have dildos covered with ant bait shoved up their ass and a colony positioned with ready access. The politics needs a-changing, after all, and as Talib Kweli put it, language is immersed in vulgarity as it is.

And if that doesn't work, if it's not enough, then shit, I've got dibs on Michelle Malkin's asshole.