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Monday, September 19, 2005

Maybe Getting Sodomized With A Microphone Isn't Enough For Bill O'Reilly

Eric Alterman watches Fox Nooz, and gets this tidbit:

Bill O'Reilly, deaf and blind to the obvious class implications of the pre-flood exodus, speculated, "A lot of the people who stayed wanted to do this destruction" and wondered why "looters" were not being shot on sight.
I'm just waiting for this demented, ranting, spitting, jackass with the ability to put forward the most idiotic fucking ideas as if they were perfectly reasonable to start eating kittens in a valient effort to raise his share already. It's coming soon!

He also spots Fred Barnes making Richard Baker look like a sane son of a bitch, as opposed to a fucking insane tidbit one just removed from one's ass over the course of a rather violent and bloody shit: "They know they're going to flood. And when these things happen, they want the taxpayers all over the country to pay, and they do."

Almost makes me glad I don't have cable.