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Friday, September 02, 2005

Leading Ain't Easy But Somebody's Gotta Do It

Blondesense Liz makes the appropriate comparison for our fucking smirking little organ grinder's monkey president's reaction to Nawlins becoming a part of Lake Pontchartrain. It's My Pet Goat, all over again, but worse, man. The sinking of a great, and quite possibly the most unique, American city couldn't pry the man away from his "working vacation" until his handlers applied a crowbar. It was more fucking difficult than separating a crack addict from his pipe. He did so much work on his vacation, in fact, that he couldn't be bothered to look at, y'know, ANYTHING, including Fox Nooz, or talk to anyone, or he might have realized that everyone and the bitches they were fucking knew the levees might very well break.

Oh, but Bush went far beyond revealing his own stupidity. He tried playing the "I feel your pain" card, saying "I fully understand people wanting things to have happened yesterday...I understand the anxiety of people on the ground."

No, you dumb coke-snorting son of a bitch, you don't understand shit. This is a man who has never wanted for anything in his life, who was given everything on a silver platter. This is a man who has never had to face consequences for any of the horrible decisions he's made. If Bush had been a resident of New Orleans, he could've hired some of them uppity lootin' negroes to carry him out of the city on their shoulders. He would've been one of the first out of the city, having his stuff shipped over to Houston, and he would've gone skiing in Colorado. See, when Bill Clinton talked about feeling people's pain -- well, shit, you know the poor son of a single mother did. It doesn't work when you're the rich son of a former CIA Director and President, and man for whom "need" only referred to alcohol and cocaine.

Bush's lack of understanding, though, goes oh so much deeper. He doesn't get that "President" is more than a title. Presidents lead. Or at least they try to. This man has not once, in 4 years, tried to lead anything. After being told America was under attack, he continued to read a children's book. He took his self-proclaimed War on Terror so seriously that he asked Americans to sacrifice, well, jack shit, other than their dignity. After what may well be the worst natural disaster to hit the United States, he kept doing, well, whatever the fuck it is he does.

So you know what? Fuck George W. Bush. Fuck every goddamned last pundit and newspaper writer who're focusing on looters. People are dying in the streets for want of food and water, having done nothing but be poor. Stealing a TV is nothing compared to trying to change that subject and being too self-absorbed and clueless to lead when it's your goddamned job. Score another victory in the Global Struggle to Embarass America.

Sure, he might be the President. But this country has no president. And if Congress had any integrity whatsoever, they'd be debating if a gross failure to do the job is an impeachable offense. It may well not be. But it's a moot point, isn't it? We're a country led by no one. New Orleans is just the icing on that cake.

Additionally, our good friend Anntichrist S. Coulter, who's doing her best to help out the poorest of the poor in New Orleans, posted this message from a friend of hers. Read and be pissed off.