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Thursday, September 01, 2005

I'm Turning Red

You know it was coming, didn't you? Oh yes, once the event was announced, this was inevitable. That's right -- during Save Iraq Tour 2005, George W. Bush has outdone himself in the Global Struggle To Embarass America.

It wasn't his claim that Iraq's struggle to work on a constitution, one that allows freedom of speech and press so long as it does not "violate...public morality, was just like ours, which only says that in the fevered dreams of James Dobson. Let alone, of course, the dreadful disanalogies of the entire goddamned thing.

No, now Bush has done far, far worse -- he's claiming al-Qaeda are Nazis and the Iraqi insurgents are the minions of Tojo. As he said yesterday (fuck it, I haven't gone to sleep yet: it's still the 31st as far as I'm concerned), "As freedom advances across a troubled part of the world, it is once again opposed by fanatical adherence of a murderous ideology. And once again, the stakes are high. Now, as then, our enemies have made their fight a test of American credibility and resolve. Now, as then, they are trying to intimidate free people and break our will. And now, as then, they will fail."

The corollaries, of course, are that those of us who say "Hey, wait a second..." to this particular adventure, which resembles the way the British governed a few of their colonies informally with every passing day, are roughly the equivalent of the isolationists of the time, and that Bush is Franklin D. Roosevelt (or so he wishes; let's see that son of a bitch win a third term).

Last I recall, though, FDR didn't send troops into battle without armor. He didn't try to send fewer troops than his advisors said he needed when enough were there. He sure as hell hasn't raised taxes to get more and better equipment to troops. And, well, this is all moot, because FDR didn't attack Britain to get revenge on Japan for bombing Pearl Harbor.

George W. Bush is a walking poster child for why children should have to learn history well or not at all. Add that to the list, I suppose, given that he's only seen enough of science to know it's supposed to explain stuff, and only enough of government to know that he nominates Supreme Court justices. Who knows what levels of embarassment we'll stoop to when he remembers further tidbits from when he was pretending to pay attention in various classes so he wouldn't get his slacker ass booted out of school? It would surely be a victory in the continuing GSTEA, though, whatever it is.