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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Word of Advice To Those Stepping In To Oppose John Roberts

On the network news tonight, I saw that NARAL had put out an ad concerning John Roberts and abortion. And oh, was I happy, for if you recall, making a lot of noise about Roberts' record regardless of the decision to filibuster was what I suggested we do, so that everyone knows what we know, that while Roberts is no Bork, he's at least a nutty Rehnquist (and remember, Rehnquist was a co-founder of the goddamned Federalist Society).

And for sure, there are a number of things to be mentioned about Roberts on abortion, many of which have been put forward by Democratic golden boys like Chuck Schumer. There's his record as the political deputy to one Solicitor General Ken Starr. There's his tepid response to Dick Durbin during his 2003 confirmation hearings, which could easily mean either that he realizes that as a circuit court justice, he's bound by precedent (unlike as a member of SCOTUS) or that he intends to try to slowly chip away at Roe (since overturning Roe v. Wade would be one of the worst things that could happen to the leadership of our Republican Party, to which Roberts is as loyal a buttboy as Uncle Clarence Thomas is to Scalia). And there's his service at the feet of Rehnquist, who dissented in both Roe and Casey. So I was looking forward to an ad that mentioned these, to make sure it got out there, and then to hammer it in.

But, alas: the ad is a piece of shit. No, it's not that it's rude: look who's talking. I'm all for rudeness, for saying those things that make the punditocracy squirm and whine about how a line was crossed. What's not cool, however, is slander, or things bordering on it. Willful disregard for the facts, man. Don't say things that are just fucking wrong, and don't tiptoe around stating the truth. That's the difference between what Bush's lackeys were claiming the Swift Boat shitheads were saying and what they were actually saying, for example. One's legitimate and necessary, the other's just a cheap shot.

More tomorrow: the power flickered while I was writing this and I lost about a half hour's writing. Also tomorrow: Bush and Cheney and Rummy's monument to themselves, largely carves from blown up carcasses.