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Monday, August 01, 2005

Mustachioed Motherfuckers at the UN

So, Bush decided in the end it was more convenient just to appoint John Bolton, possibly the biggest motherfucker in the administration lineup, to the UN via a recess appointment rather than, y'know, cooperate with the requests of the Senate, something we're seeing with the John Roberts nomination as well.

John Bolton is, as stated above, a motherfucker of legendary proportions. This is a man, after all, who was one of the biggest supporters of Robert Bork's nomination to the Supreme Court, a man who was as complicit in the Iran Contra coverup as anyone this side of Oliver North: a perfect fit for this administration, run by motherfuckers for motherfuckers. This then just puts him in the ranks of other similar Bush recess appointees, like segregation-loving motherfucker Charles Pickering, son of motherfucker Eugene Scalia, cruel and unusual punishment loving motherfucker William Pryor (as "activist" of a judge as they come), and death squad loving motherfucker Otto Reich. See, when it comes to numbers, Bush has 106 recess appointments in less than five years, including an entire commission when it was suggested some Republicans didn't want to go along with the base closings plan. Clinton, by contrast, had 140 in eight years, the highest profile of which was Ron Brown's replacement as commerce secretary, the same month Brown died.

Fortunately, these appointments do have to get confirmed by the Senate at some point. Otherwise, shit...I can't even imagine who Bush might try to put where, all the while telling us, in his full capacity as fluffer-in-chief, about how much his appointees love freedom and have support in the Senate anyway. After all, recall what Condoleeza Rice said about John Bolton: "John Bolton is personally committed to the future success of the United Nations and he will be a strong voice for reform at a time when the United Nations has begun to reform itself to help meet the challenging agenda before the international community."

Of all the loads of shit to come out of the mouths of this administration, saying someone who's said if the UN building were to lose 10 floors it wouldn't matter is committed to the success of the institution might be one of the biggest, right up there with that entire speech Bush gave in support of the Family Marriage Amendment. This seems natural, of course, given that the entire rationale for why Bolton should be UN Ambassador was twofold: 1) he was appointed by Bush, and 2) he apparently has never given a foreign leader a bukkake alarm clock. Correct me if I'm wrong, but were any other reasons ever given at all? I mean, this is a guy whose departure from a group makes things better (via Pepper). If we were really the partisan tools the right would have you believe, wouldn't we be jumping up and down that Bush has chosen an absolute incompetant to be his guy at the UN?

But hey, he also apparently forced his wife to swing back in the late 70s. So that's something, and I expect the fine folks at townhall.com, especially the Virgin Ben Shapiro, to address why Bush is setting such a horrible example for the children, just like they roundly denounced Bill O'Reilly. I swear to god, it never ceases to amaze me how much these Republicans do everything they can to make Michel Foucault laugh his heavily sodomized ass off in heaven. The avowed homophobes and opponents of postmodernism prove one of its leading lights, a homosexual's homosexual, completely right. Go figure, huh?

Update: Pepper notes Fox Nooz's take on the matter, which is, of course, to blame Bill Clinton.