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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

George Bush's Monument to Himself

Yep, that's right, shit's still blowing up all nice and good in Iraq. It's a fucking good thing the insurgency's in its last throes, isn't it, Dick? Also, aren't we all glad that campaign of shock and awe worked? Shit, motherfucker, without all that shock and awe, think of where we'd be now.

Remember back in March, when Bush, in his weekly radio address that nobody other than Ken Mehlman's mom listens to, talked about how "freedom is on the march" throughout the greater Middle East? Ok, sure, so you don't have to remember that: it's one of the stock platitudes this president trots out whenever he needs to say, well, shit, anything, along with "Tax cuts are good," "The economy is growing," and "I think about Iraq every day."

One wonders, of course, if this is the face of freedom. Perhaps it's just the natural end result when one resented schmuck of a leader is replaced by another; Saddam didn't give a shit about his people, and well, George W. Bush doesn't really give a shit about the Iraqi people, his protestations about loving freedom not withstanding. Shit, George W. Bush doesn't give a shit about our own soldiers: why else did his administration keep resisting giving our troops armor and why else did they not send more troops in the first damned place? Were they afraid of our entire armed forces being buried alive under an avalance of thrown flowers and sweets? And if this hadn't been patently clear before, it should be now, with the fact that this man cannot even look Cindy Sheehan in the eyes and explain why he feels we should stay in Iraq.

Because you know what? There isn't a fucking reason that we're there anymore besides "We broke it, now we gotta fix it," and if you listen to the screeching hordes on the right, shit ain't even broke. And the we broke it line may have to do, because I sure as hell don't know what to do right now. But when a president stands up there and repeats some nonsense about how we have to stay the course, and when the entire right wing creams themselves for the opportunity to call him "steadfast," "courageous," and "a visionary," one would think they could defend that position other han taking it as self-evident. One would, of course, be wrong.

And that's why images like this will be George Bush's monument to himself. That's why so many people are flocking to Cindy Sheehan's cause. What does it mean to send off a bunch of young men and women to die for a fabricated war that gets dragged on for no reason other than that we started a war for no reason? It means you can't look at her in person and explain your actions. Michelle Malkin said on Bill O'Reilly's show (entitled "Why I Desperately Need To Be Violently Sodomized With A Microphone") that "I can't imagine that Casey Sheehan would approve of such behavior, conduct, and rhetoric." That well may be, but I can't imagine Casey Sheehan would approve of this president, as detached from reality and isolated from contrary opinion as any Roman Emperor, not being able to tell his mom why he died. Can you?