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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Advice For The Anti-Roberts Forces (Part II)

Yesterday, I started discussion NARAL's ad concerning John Roberts and abortion. And here, finally, is the problem: the ad is slanderous, because it states that Roberts' ideology excused violence against abortion clinics. And, who knows, perhaps the bastard is twisted enough that he does excuse such a thing. But I don't know that, and based on what NARAL's stating, they don't know that, either. The issue at hand is a brief Roberts wrote while working for Bush's Pappy. In it, Roberts sided with one of the biggest scumsucking shitheads around, a bottomfeeder's bottomfeeder, a man Anntichrist S. Coulter has always had wonderfully fond words for, one Randall Terry, the founder of Operation Rescue and hottest potential candidate for Florida State Senate.

This is a man who has said that if he were in power, he would "hunt down" and "execute" abortion providers, and who has called for violence against abortion clinics. The claim, then, is that by sharing common cause with Terry, Roberts was excusing his action. Can anyone tell me how this is fucking different than claiming that John Kerry and Jane Fonda were bosom buddies because both opposed the Vietnam War?

And that's the problem. This ad is in the same domain of truth as those types of right-wing claims. It's exactly the type of thing we would, and for good reason, get pissed about if the right were doing; shit, we did get pissed about it when the right did it. And it's not something we should be mimicking. It's not like there's a shortage of things to attack Roberts on, even with regard to abortion. By just making shit up, we'll be helping to ensure that Justice John Roberts helps further the result in Hamdan and other cases, letting the Bush administration shove its hands right up your ass, airport security style.

Additionally, anyone who's talking about Roberts possibly "being too Catholic" when it comes to issues like Roe need to go sit in the corner, masturbating until they orgasm some sense into themselves rather than wanking in public. Being Catholic doesn't make one hostile to women's rights; being a conservative can. John Kerry's a Catholic. He's pro-choice. Roberts isn't conservative because he's a Catholic, he is a particular type of Catholic because he's a conservative. It's never a problem that someone is Catholic. The problem is that he's a right-wing shithead who interprets Catholicism as a right-wing shithead would.

Other post promised today tomorrow; unexpected events tied up my day. But go read this. It's beyond comedy gold. It's comedy platinum.