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Thursday, July 28, 2005

When Did Jon Stewart Become Peter Jennings?

Aww, shit, The New Republic is upset because Jon Stewart wasn't too tough on Rick Santorum (via John Cole). A bunch of the commenters over at Crooks and Liars seem to agree, as does someone at Salon.

Look, it's nice and all when Jon Stewart, who's a lot smarter than I think a lot of people, on both sides, give him credit for, goes after these sumbitches. The Crossfire confrontation was great, even after he realized neither Begala or Carlson aspired to more than what they're doing. And it was fantastic when he ripped the heart, Temple of Doom style, out of the war rationale by asking a smirking jackass from The Weekly Standard if our standard for sending people to go to war shouldn't be higher than "We're not sure if we're right." And, shit, The Daily Show gives more insight than any of the cable news bitches, something which is sad enough.

But, goddamnit, let's go back to that Crossfire incident. Remember when Tucker Carlson asked Stewart "Why weren't you as hard on Kerry as you're saying we should've been?" and the response was "Because you're fucking CNN and the show before me involves puppets making prank phone calls?" We laughed, and we laughed, because he was right. It's Comedy Central, people. And it still is. It's not Jon Stewart's job to go bezerk on the mental midgets that may cross his path; it's just a bonus when he does it, because he's got balls and he's smart. Don't give the mass corporate media a damned pass because they won't ask hard questions, equating them to a show on Comedy Central. They should be more. Jon Stewart's ahead of where he should be, because he lay it all on the table from time to time. But sometimes he doesn't. And that's ok, too, because he hosts a fake news show. Fake news. Not real news. Ok, so Fox isn't real news, either. But you know what I'm saying. And we shouldn't get irritated with Jon Stewart because, sometimes, he doesn't go above and beyond the call of duty like he does far more often than most of us would if we were in his position.

Update: After viewing this, why did Stewart need to score some rhetorical potshots again? So we can all be atwitter, giggling in some big liberal circlejerk? Santorum fucking made no sense at all, and it was painfully obvious Stewart was hauling him back onto topics. The question was about homosexuality, Santorum started talking about divorce, and so on. The guy didn't look reasonable, he looked like someone who couldn't go beyond his set talking points to address a damned question on a topic he's gone on and on about. And he was proud he had an index. When did an index cease to be a standard thing in books? I mean, maybe Ricky boy was trying to be funny, but it didn't take. Dear god, did it not take.