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Monday, July 04, 2005

Sandy Dee O-C Is Gone, Doo Da, Doo Da...

The first thing we need to realize is that there's no fucking way we're avoiding having Sandra Day O'Connor replaced with someone to the left of Pinochet. It's not going to happen. The most moderate nominee we might get is our own Secretary of Detainee Ass-Raping, Alberto Gonzalez, who, from time to time, showed flashes of integrity on the Texas Supreme Court, executions notwithstanding. We're not going to get someone committed to upholding Roe, we're not going to get anyone we like.

And why is that? Well, it's because on that fateful day last November, the people of this country (not counting those who tried to vote and were turned away or disenfranchised somehow) decided that we were, in fact, a nation of savages: that the economy didn't fucking matter, health care didn't fucking matter, and most of all, the Supreme Court didn't matter, as long the blood kept a-pourin'. It was disgusting then, to see Hunter S. Thompson's remark "America... just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable" demonstrated. Oh, how we saw that a well-told lie beats the truth. And oh, how I wallow in anger every time I reflect back to that day.

But enough of that. We're more or less fucked, yes. The most we can hope for is that we don't get someone who's a complete toadie of the religious right, who at least has some notion of judicial integrity. This, however, will likely not be coming unless by some divine blessing, Bush nominates another Souter, or Gonzalez shows that he's a Kennedy.

After all, this group likes nothing more than to boil things down to questions of ideology. Family Research Council's own Tony Perkins said "They are being blocked because they are people of faith and moral conviction. These are people whose only offense is to say that abortion is wrong or that marriage should be between one man and one woman" with regard to Miguel Estrada and Priscella Owen, who did such things as refuse to turn over documents and, hell, get branded as "judicial activists" by none other than Mr. Gonzalez. And that's the rub: for all the right goes on and on about "judicial activists," they want their ideology imposed by law, with only lip service to the Constitution, a document they can't amend to get their way despite their claims of having the numbers to be able to do so. They want nothing less than to abandon the rule of law, to make it arbitrary, dependant on the ideological whims of the majority. Shit, if they get their way, we're not just regressing past Roe (which, for the time being, seems to be safe regardless of who gets appointed in this instance), we'll be regressing past Henry the fucking Second.

And ultimately, that's what's at stake. It's nothing less than the nature of our legal system. So bring on the filibuster, motherfuckers. They'll re-haul out the nuclear option, of course, but it's time to settle this. Fuck the deal; if Bush nominates who the Christian Right wants, the "Gang of 14" can shove it up their ass. You want to talk about qualifications? I've got your first and foremost qualification to be a Supreme Court Justice right here: you should not sit on the fucking Supreme Court of the fucking United States if you don't believe in the rule of fucking law. That's an easy principle, I think. If you believe precedent should just be tossed aside because you don't agree with it, you don't belong on the bench, let alone the Supreme Court.

We know what their rhetoric is going to be. Oh, the Christian Right will go on and on about how Jesus loves his little conservative judges, and how President Bush must support a Jesus-loved judge, because of the fetuses and the vegetables like St. Terri, but especially the fucking curled up little fetuses (and I swear, I'm going to kick the next person who says they don't support abortion but support a woman's right to choose in the balls, because, goddamnit, they always seem to be men, don't they?). We will hear oh so much about how Jesus wants us to post the Ten Commandments in every room, and maybe shove it up the asses of some atheists just for good measure. It's enough to make you wish God would just give Jesus some chores to do already, because the boy's clearly got too much time on his hands. And the rest of the Republican Party, the ones who try to pretend they're above the religious faction of their party, oh, they'll go on about "originalism" without knowing what the fuck it is they're talking about, because they actually think Scalia and Thomas are goddamned originalists. They'll say how we need jurists who will "not invent rights" and who will "read the Constitution" as they wank their tiny, shriveled little penises while thinking of stroking Ann Coulter's adam's apple.

Oh yes, we know what they're going to say, and shit, what they're already saying. And we know we're not going to get liberals as nominees. We've hopefully accepted that we're more or less fucked. We just want it to be less than more. So let's not merely ask "Would you like to overturn Roe?" The answer's going to be yes, barring some miracle. Let's ask, "Are you now saying that you will overturn Roe, and why the fuck are you saying that without a specific case coming up?" Let's make it clear we're not opposing conservatives, because lord knows, if we successfully manage to do that, we'll have two seats unfilled until at least January 2007. We oppose people who believe law is arbitrary and who want to toss aside the integrity of the judiciary. Because for all the wanking of the right, that's what they want, and it's a really, really easy case to make, and even better, it's true.

Because if that happens, if these cuntrags get their way, then we truly will be barbarians. Say goodbye to abortion rights, but not just that. Oh, lordy, no, it would be nice if it ended there. Say goodbye to environmental protections, to church/state separation, to gay rights, to any semblence of rights for those poor motherfuckers down at Gitmo, to separation of powers, and for our own civil liberties. We'll be left with nothing but howling at the moon and raping women while we rip the meat off the bones of our enemies.

It's so on. We owe it to ourselves, and shit, it's the Fourth of July, so let me say this: we owe it those who helped make this country what it is. We owe history to not take this standing down. None of this crap about leaving for Canada or Europe. If they're going to rape this country, they're going to have to do it through us, and fuck anyone who equivocates. Bring it? Oh, it's so already brought.

Happy Fourth of July. And read this over at Digby's. There are setbacks, but eventually, we'll manage to make this a better place. That, ultimately, is why we must fight.