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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Payback's A Bitch

It's rather beautiful watching the press pay back Karl Rove for all of the shit they finally realized he made them swallow over the last five years. The jailing of Judith Miller for his fat, balding ass seems to have shocked them like a defibrillator. And oh, are they ever pissed. See, before, they only had to regurgitate what they were fed without really thinking too much about it; it was nice and easy, and they didn't make any enemies that mattered. Shit, they might get invented to some cool White House parties and stuff, maybe get some margaritas. And hell, maybe one of the Bush twins would get smashed and start table dancing or something.

But now, it's personal, as Pepper pointed out yesterday. Now they see, there might be consequences for sucking at Karl Rove's teat, even if the milk is sour. And oh, are they bitter, because not only are they fixating on the Rove story in a manner unseen since, well, that girl in Aruba went missing (bad phrasing, clearly), but they're going after our dear beloved President. The Times essentially says "Hey, remember when Bush promised to get to the bottom of the Plame leak and remove whomever was responsible? Cause he seems to have forgotten, so maybe we should remind him." Shit, all the headlines may as well say "Bush Does Not French Mr. Rove In Sign Of Support and Love." And we've seen how the press treated Scott McClellan on two straight days.

Shocked back into rhythm, they are. Hopefully it'll stay that way, and nothing will crash. Seems unlikely given their history, but hey, who knows? The press might finally realize that if a hooker gives you herpes, you should probably stop sleeping with her. It's about damn time.

Update: Over at the O'Reilly Sucks Message Board, we have reports that O'Reilly is continuing to show just how badly he needs a microphone shoved up his ass.