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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Oh When The Frogs, Come Marchin' In...

And, it appears, it's all coming together now. On Friday, Lawrence O'Donnell let it slip that Karl Rove is the national security-harming motherfucker responsible for the Valerie Plame leak. And oh lordy, is this good. Cause can't you just see Bob Novak, bent over, Karl Rove penetrating him, telling him to just take it like the good little soldier he is? And oh, if there's one thing Bob Novak's good at it, it's taking it from this administration. Shit, his ass doesn't need Vasoline anymore. It's a good thing nobody was killed because of this (that we know of, anyway), cause otherwise that motherfucker's an accessory.

It's kind of a shame that Novak's getting off scot-free. After all, he chose to take it from Karl and run it. Shit, even Judith Miller didn't take the bait, and there's no reason to believe she doubts anything. And this outing of Rove, or whomever else the source ends up being? Perfectly ok. Because when classified information is leaked, it's usually done to inform the public of something they would never, ever have gotten (see the Pentagon Papers). The whole point of protecting leakers is that usually the leak endangers the career or person of the leaker, who's acted in the best interest of the country. But there was nothing to do this but vengeance. The printing of Plame's name did no one good but those trying to get back at her husband. So fuck the leaker, and fuck Judith Miller, because giving up this source isn't the same as compromising anonymous sources in general (not that Judith Miller should ever be allowed to use anonymous sources again after the fuckfest that was her reporting on Iraqi WMDs).

And if it's Rove, which apparently the media seems convinced it is, how fucking great is that? No wonder, then, that Bush lied his ass off about wanting to find out who leaked the name. And oh how the media took that for granted: "Sure, he wants to find it! No need for us to report!" Clearly a story much less important than if Kobe fucked some white girl in Colorado or if Michael Jackson touched some kids, and of course, it would have no bearing on the election, so why talk about it?

It's the little things that break presidencies. The sloppy, sloppy little things, like botching a clown show of a burglary. Here, Karl Rove, who's little more than a sexually frustrated fat thug (hence his compulsive need to rape all of us, I think), read something, got pissed, and made some calls in a fit of anger. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. But then again, subtlety has never been one of Karl's strengths, like those attacks on McCain in South Carolina or smearing John Kerry by calling him a traitor (why didn't Plame come up during the election much at all?) Remember, Vietnam softened up Nixon, and it was Watergate that took him down, because he had to go after Vietnam, but it was hard to pin things directly on him. Iraq's certainly softened up Bush, and, shit, we have an easier time pinning things on him, thanks to the Downing Street Memos. And now, if this is all true, Karl Rove will be up for perjury charges once Miller coughs up her correspondance. Hell, given the luminaries who testified, there might even be obstruction of justice charges in the offing.

This could, hopefully, make Bush into the earliest lame duck president in history, though I still wouldn't hold my breath for impeachment, for two reasons. First, despite Republican claims that the Clinton impeachment was about obstruction of justice and perjury, this story still lacks pussy (unless Valerie Plame's pussy came up in the correspondance between Rove and the reporters). Second, Republicans are cocksucking whores. So I don't think we'll quite have Nixon redux, except in legacy.

But, shit, if this is true, I'm going to enjoy it when they take Karl Rove into handcuffs. I'll sit back, light a cigar, and enjoy the thought of Rove meeting some nice prisoner, knowing, finally, what it feels like to be the bitch. It's just too bad Bob Novak won't be joining him there. Cause, finally, in the end, all your shit catches up to you. If there's no other lesson to take away from this administration, at least we have that.

Update: As always, Digby gets the message spot on.