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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Name That Motherfuckers Answers

1) This motherfucker was Senator Orrin Hatch, the Stormin' Mormon, correctly identified by Benjamin.

2) Motherfucker 2 was none other than Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, with excerpts from his dissenting opinion in Lawrence v. Texas, otherwise known as the case that said "Hey, maybe gays really ARE people" and earned Ricky Santorum his Dogfucker nickname.

3) Motherfucker 3 was not Scott McClellan, as both Benjamin and PatPandaHat guessed, but rather White House communications director and overall whore Dan Bartlett. Bartlett was appearing in a joint press briefing.

4) Benjamin got Senator Lindsey Graham (MF-SC), who you might remember from the late 1990s as one of Clinton's impeachment managers in the House and someone who's been bandied about as a "moderate" Republican.

5) Townhall columnist Star Parker was this motherfucker, who was apparently trying to break new ground in wingnut grammar by replacing dashes with underscores, as noted in the comments to this Sadly, No! post. Points to Benjamin.

6) Our last motherfucker was none other than Pat Robertson, taking a variation on his claim that what Christians in American go through is worse than what "any minority in history" has gone through. Again, Benjamin correctly named Pat.

So thanks for playing, and no thanks at all to our fuckers of mothers, without whom our country (and our sanities) would all be better off.