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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's About That Time

A couple of days ago, Digby talked about the situation created by the "Gang of 14"'s compromise on the "nuclear option" with respect to the next Supreme Court nominee. I can sum up what I think in three words: fuck them all. Fuck Bush, fuck the religious right, fuck the Gang of 14 (and for that matter, any Democrat who thinks you can compromise with these shitheads in any meaningful sense), fuck congressional Republicans who may talk the talk but can't be bothered to act up to their words, and fuck the media.

Did I leave anyone out?

I want this. I wanted this back when we were discussing a generic federal court nominee. I want to have this fight. What do we have to lose? Absolutely nothing. We're like a sex slave locked out in the barn, brought out only when the slavemaster's feeling randy. Sure, we can talk and talk, but that only puts off the inevitable -- we're going to get fucked, somewhere, sometime, in a place the master wants. The worst thing that happens is that we get fucked a little harder. And that difference of degree, in the end, matters almost not a bit. It's the difference between being raped and being raped extra hard. Sure, it hurts a little more, comes a little more quickly, maybe there's some more bleeding, but you're still getting raped.

I'm not scared of Rick Santorum or Bill Frist or anyone going nuclear, because, frankly, I think they're bluffing. I don't think they have their caucus on board. It's time to call them on it. If we win the battle, it's like Mike Tyson getting beaten by Buster Douglas. You sit back, go "what the fuck?", and look around more carefully to make sure you're awake. If we lose, well, hell, what do we have to lose? It's mutually assured destruction, have no doubt about it. Cause, see, as the Rude Pundit put it, Republicans are are some filibustering motherfuckers when they're not the ones choosing the nominees. And at some point, they won't be. So hey, if they want to fuck us now, I have no problem letting them fuck themselves somewhere down the road. And, let's be honest here: any Democrat that continues to cooperate with these bitches, that hasn't learned his lesson yet, isn't worthy of the name. Screw our seven of the Gang. They knew what they were getting when they agreed to the damned thing, and if they didn't, how the hell did they get elected to the Senate? Wasn't it perfectly clear that the Republicans were going to try to milk this for all it was worth, saying that if you agreed to let Brown in, you agreed to let everyone to the left of Pat Buchanan in? Sure, it bought some time, and not being in or around the Senate, that might've been key at the time, but goddamnit, did anyone think this was going to last?

And, especially, screw the other seven, who can't be bothered to vote the right way. though they'll talk and they'll talk about how much they're uncomfortable with administration policy. George Voinovich has done more than any of them to actually stand up to the administration, and he's a schmuck. Doghouse Riley shakes his head at the second most notorious of these motherfuckers, Chuck Hagel. I'll take these supposedly moderate Republicans seriously when they actually do more than preen to the center. If they come looking for a compromise, fuck it. On the filibuster, from a political standpoint, you really are with us or against us. You allow certain nominees in and others not? Shit, there's an easy way to spin that to justify all the nominees getting in.

Here, just like with so many other things the Republican leadership pushes, there's no viable middle ground. So why are we trying to stand there when we know fully well it doesn't exist? You don't think a particular nominee should get filibustered, make that case. But don't try to compromise on the nuclear option. It's fruitless. It's bringing a knife to a gun fight. And it's a fight we need to have, for the same reason we needed to have the fight over the Family Marriage Amendment. The Republican Party needs to start being responsible for its rhetoric, to try to actually implement some of the things they go on bitching about, to either do what they say they're going to or have it shown that they don't have the balls or the support to do it. So let's fight. What else do you expect a wounded and cornered animal to do?