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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Brief Thoughts While Watching Fox Nooz

While stuck waiting for an appointment this morning, I was forcefed Fox Nooz, and the following thoughts came to mind:

1) What sort of sick mind decides they should call weather forecasters "Foxcasters"? How the flying fuck does that make any sense at all? We fucking know we're watching Fox already. You've got that damned logo in the corner, reminding me not to take what's up on the screen seriously, and thank god for that. I might fall back into my old habit of thinking Bill O'Reilly's just engaging in satire, that he doesn't really need to be violently sodomized with a microphone, or, really, whatever's handy.

2) Who names their kid Jug Twitty? How does Natalee Holloway's mother know what happened to her daughter? And why does this merit national news status?

3) Headline: "When will there be real justice for sex offenders?"

I have nothing to add to that.

Later: More on the nuclear option.
Tomorrow: Karl Rove in jail (an unlikely fantasy).