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Sunday, July 03, 2005

And Never A More Useless Sack of Shit Has There Been

Can't the Times just clone Paul Krugman to write Thomas Friedman's columns? He's such a small, small, tiny little man, afraid of writing anything of substance, so he spouts out platitudes and "commentary" like this.

I first realized just how useless Thomas Friedman is back in my college days. See, Tommy Boy came to give a talk about how wonderful globalization is. I wasn't really familiar with him, but a friend of mine absolutely fucking loved From Beirut to Jeruselam, and she was hot, so I went (I had already figured what I was going to hear from him and discounted it). And oh, was it worth going. See, Tom is a combatant little bitch who doesn't like to be questioned, and after a couple of reasonable questions, the specifics of which escape me, Tom shot back at a student, "And how many economics classes have you taken?" The student answered, "1," and Tom gave him a look screaming "So why are you talking to me, you impudent little snot?" and said "Next!" without responding to the damned question.

Now, I'd gone to this talk right after hearing some shithead Objectivist declare quantum mechanics had to be wrong because he didn't understand it (like oh so many things, obviously), and so I was in a rather sour and combative mood, having wasted an hour with that bullshit. It was an hour I would rather've spent getting reamed by Karl Rove, let me say. But when I say I wasn't too familiar with Thomas Friedman, oh, did I know one thing about him. See, Tommy never took an economics class in college. And he'd just demonstrated that a necessary condition for being qualified to talk about economics is having taken classes. So I shot my hand up, waiting for my opportunity to pounce. Sadly, someone else beat me to the punch. And in response, Friedman glared at all of us, sulked, and went on to the next question. You could feel his penis, all engorged at the power of being able to tell us college students what's what, shrivel. It was that fucking palpable.

And since then, Friedman's done absolutely nothing to demonstrate he's not worthless. There was his pimping of the war on terror and the Iraq war, and his constant bleating about globalization. And now, this piece of crap, which Matt Yglesias criticizes.

It's enough to make me want William Safire to come back, just to get rid of Tom.