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Friday, July 15, 2005

Abortion Abortion Abortion

There's been a lot of discussion over the future of abortion rights, what with Sandra Day O'Connor retiring (after all, she was one of the plurality authors in Planned Parenthood v. Casey). Since it's almost certain that Bush's nominee will be a pro-life lapdog (or he'll have to show he is to get the religious right's support), this could be a problem, even though the pro-Roe crowd still has 5 votes, what with Ruth Bader Ginsburg replacing Byron White. Chuck Schumer, who would be the Democratic pretty boy if John Edwards and Evan Bayh suddenly got into helmetless motorcycle accidents, made it clear that we'd like to know how a potential Supreme Court justice feels about, y'know, the law, and so he or she will be asked about his or her views on abortion, gay marriage, and so on. So we can expect it to come up, and given the religious right, oh, will it ever come up. After all, remember that "culture of life" that was being prattled on and on and, for the love of Jesus on a mechanical bull, on about a bit ago? The two poster childs for it are abortion (and its apparently natural extension, stem cell research) and Terri "Is This Still Going On?" Schiavo. Yep, yep, we sure do love and respect life in this country, much as we respect that sacred institution of marriage. It's why the next natural Fox reality show would be a baby auction of some kind: "Who Wants To Raise My Baby?" or some shit like that.

Good god, the fucking pro-lifers. See, the thing to remember about pro-lifers is they're nothing but a bunch of hypocritical, tricked out bitches. That description particularly applies to politicians who've made abortion part of their new Southern Strategy (even if the Republicans are now paying lip service to apologizing for the original). The pro-life movement in this country isn't ultimately about abortion, it's about assaulting poor women.

Need an example? Here's one: the Hyde Amendment, which cut off federal funds for low-income women who had abortions (the fact that this is named after Henry Hyde, a Congressional scumsucker if there ever was one, should be telling). Ok, by itself, that might be well enough, right? Sure, there're ways to help poor women here even as we discourage them from having abortions. But, and here's the rub, insufficiently funding child care, Medicaid, and Medicare while cutting welfare and making requirements to be on welfare more stringent aren't some of them. This discussion hasn't been as prominent as it was, say, 10 years ago, but you can't bitch and moan about these welfare moms who are abusing the system by having lots of kids when you make it so they can't have abortions, motherfuckers. You force women to have kids, you'd better be able to provide if they fucking can't. It's criminal, is what it is. I'd like to know how many kids that would've been aborted, since 1976, ended up poor and on welfare.

Want another? How about the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003? "Partial Birth Abortion" is one of those completely inaccurate rhetorical bullshit wordings that the modern Republican party so adores, like "compassionate conservativism" that villifies compassion from liberals as being "bleeding heart" and "Clean Skies". There's nothing like playing up a rare procedure that's almost never done electively, almost always for medical necessity, as somehow being this plague "sacrificing" thousands of "children" a year to really get the heart pumping. And, of course, it will invariably be struck down just like its predecessors on the state level. All it would take for one of these laws to actually be found Constitutional is a little provision saying "Yeah, if it truly is medically necessary, you can do it." But they won't fucking do that, because it wouldn't be the electoral and fundraising goldmine it currently is.

So fuck the pro-life movement. It's nothing but exploitative. If these bitches were really pro-life, they'd be right there with the animal rights and anti-death penalty people, among other things. And there are, of course, noble souls who are actually consistent and truly mean and understand what they say; I'm not telling them to fuck off. They, however, usually don't associate themselves with these other motherfuckers. Moreover, we all know people who go on about how they would've voted Democrat if only it weren't for abortion. They can go fuck themselves, too, because they're rationalizing enablers. Do I feel anything for them? Well, no, I don't, because if they have the numbers they claim they do, they're responsible for all of the bullshit they bemoan while berating us about how little we love the "unborn" (a term which makes me think of zombies, man, zombie fetuses). And, I swear to God, I'm going to beat the next equivocating motherfucker who says "I support a woman's right to choose, but abortion's pretty icky," because nobody here is claiming we should force women to have abortions. It's not a fucking issue as to whether you like abortion in as much as you accept a woman has a right to decide what happens to her body or not. So shut the fuck up. Shit, no one likes abortion. Who goes around saying "Abortion is good, abortion is great, abort all your babies and it'll be a great date!"? Their decision, not yours, so stop making them feel bad or trying to villify them for something they probably don't feel good about anyway. And isn't it always goddamned men who say this? Yes, ladies, I apologize for the goddamned morons in my fucking gender who feel the need to merely tolerate your rights.

Meanwhile, we'll be busy sitting here, listening to people who get outraged over someone suggesting American troops might behave, y'know, just a little barbarically at times, calling people who disagree with them "feminazis" and watching the President and Rick "Homos Have Cooties" Santorum moan and cry at press conferences about the poor, poor, helpless little goddamned fetuses. After all, what else could possibly be better for us as a country to do?