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Thursday, July 28, 2005

When Did Jon Stewart Become Peter Jennings?

Aww, shit, The New Republic is upset because Jon Stewart wasn't too tough on Rick Santorum (via John Cole). A bunch of the commenters over at Crooks and Liars seem to agree, as does someone at Salon.

Look, it's nice and all when Jon Stewart, who's a lot smarter than I think a lot of people, on both sides, give him credit for, goes after these sumbitches. The Crossfire confrontation was great, even after he realized neither Begala or Carlson aspired to more than what they're doing. And it was fantastic when he ripped the heart, Temple of Doom style, out of the war rationale by asking a smirking jackass from The Weekly Standard if our standard for sending people to go to war shouldn't be higher than "We're not sure if we're right." And, shit, The Daily Show gives more insight than any of the cable news bitches, something which is sad enough.

But, goddamnit, let's go back to that Crossfire incident. Remember when Tucker Carlson asked Stewart "Why weren't you as hard on Kerry as you're saying we should've been?" and the response was "Because you're fucking CNN and the show before me involves puppets making prank phone calls?" We laughed, and we laughed, because he was right. It's Comedy Central, people. And it still is. It's not Jon Stewart's job to go bezerk on the mental midgets that may cross his path; it's just a bonus when he does it, because he's got balls and he's smart. Don't give the mass corporate media a damned pass because they won't ask hard questions, equating them to a show on Comedy Central. They should be more. Jon Stewart's ahead of where he should be, because he lay it all on the table from time to time. But sometimes he doesn't. And that's ok, too, because he hosts a fake news show. Fake news. Not real news. Ok, so Fox isn't real news, either. But you know what I'm saying. And we shouldn't get irritated with Jon Stewart because, sometimes, he doesn't go above and beyond the call of duty like he does far more often than most of us would if we were in his position.

Update: After viewing this, why did Stewart need to score some rhetorical potshots again? So we can all be atwitter, giggling in some big liberal circlejerk? Santorum fucking made no sense at all, and it was painfully obvious Stewart was hauling him back onto topics. The question was about homosexuality, Santorum started talking about divorce, and so on. The guy didn't look reasonable, he looked like someone who couldn't go beyond his set talking points to address a damned question on a topic he's gone on and on about. And he was proud he had an index. When did an index cease to be a standard thing in books? I mean, maybe Ricky boy was trying to be funny, but it didn't take. Dear god, did it not take.

Final Thoughts On Rove (For Now)

I was going to write something more substantial; hell, I spent all day trying to think of what would be worth writing.

But really, at this point, I don't think there's much. What needs to be said's been said; Digby and Billmon have both been all over this shit. The last thing that I might've wanted to point out, The Rude Pundit did earlier this week. So, fuck it.

I would just add this piece of advice to the fine commentors over at Daily Kos, and elsewhere, that Pepper noted are really just no fun at all for not wanting to talk about the Rove mistress story. It'd be one thing if they didn't want to talk about it because, as commenter here and elsewhere and newest Blondsense blogger Anntichrist S. Coulter put it, it's not something we're going to buy unless the bitch's packing a footlong strap-on. No, they don't want to talk about it because it's mean and it makes us look like "smear merchants" to talk about it.

Shit, motherfuckers, if the shoe were on the other foot, you know Rove would be on the phones organizing a group to start going around to start peddling it to CNN and Fox Nooz? Remember that "Kerry had a mistress" story Drudge was pimping last election? You want to bet Rove didn't have anything to do with that?

Nah, fuck it. There's no point in being pure if we don't get a chance to actually do anything. You may as well start fondling yourself now, because you're just masturbating. For the time being, anyway, we've got to fight fire with fire; there's no point bringing a knife to a gun fight. Sure, it'd be nice if we could get away with the higher ground, but for the time being, let's just can the sanctimonious crap, shall we? It might be beneath us, but it's not beneath them. Shit, this kind of thing is way above them. If someone can actually argue that this is counterproductive, that's one thing. But don't merely say "It's beneath us." Hell, keeping it afloat is like telling someone to look into this Capone guy's financial records. There's no way to know if it'll work, but hey, we've gotta bring this chump down for something.

And yes, I realize everything I just said could be used as an argument for, say, torturing prisoners in Gitmo. But for the love of God, if you can't see the disanalogy there, you should go read some Mallard Fillmore. You might find it funny.

Name That Motherfuckers Answers

1) This motherfucker was Senator Orrin Hatch, the Stormin' Mormon, correctly identified by Benjamin.

2) Motherfucker 2 was none other than Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, with excerpts from his dissenting opinion in Lawrence v. Texas, otherwise known as the case that said "Hey, maybe gays really ARE people" and earned Ricky Santorum his Dogfucker nickname.

3) Motherfucker 3 was not Scott McClellan, as both Benjamin and PatPandaHat guessed, but rather White House communications director and overall whore Dan Bartlett. Bartlett was appearing in a joint press briefing.

4) Benjamin got Senator Lindsey Graham (MF-SC), who you might remember from the late 1990s as one of Clinton's impeachment managers in the House and someone who's been bandied about as a "moderate" Republican.

5) Townhall columnist Star Parker was this motherfucker, who was apparently trying to break new ground in wingnut grammar by replacing dashes with underscores, as noted in the comments to this Sadly, No! post. Points to Benjamin.

6) Our last motherfucker was none other than Pat Robertson, taking a variation on his claim that what Christians in American go through is worse than what "any minority in history" has gone through. Again, Benjamin correctly named Pat.

So thanks for playing, and no thanks at all to our fuckers of mothers, without whom our country (and our sanities) would all be better off.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

They've Gone And Confused Me

Criticism of ex-CIA analyst Larry Johnson: he has a pre-9/11 mindset.

Confusing part: this is based off something he wrote on July 10, 2001.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't July 10, 2001 before September 11, 2001?

Leave it to those cuntrags at PNAC, cause as best as I can tell, everyone had a pre-9/11 mindset before 9/11, y'know, since it hadn't happened yet.

Later: More on Turd Blossom.

Update: More like tomorrow. Along with Name That Motherfucker answers.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Name That Motherfucker (Supreme Court Edition)

That's right, today's motherfuckers are all commenting in some way on the Supreme Court. Mind you, these quotes are not necessarily new or even related to Justice Whitey.

1) "The judicial-selection process must be fair, constructive, and consistent with constitutional principles. Yet less than two weeks after Justice Sandra Day O'Connor announced her retirement, and before President Bush has even chosen a nominee, we already see some disturbing signs that could threaten both the Senate's integrity and the judiciary's independence...The Constitution has established a judicial-selection process by clearly assigning separate roles for the president and the Senate, giving authority to nominate and appoint judges to the president. Some senators and left-wing groups, apparently unwilling to accept that elections have consequences, seem to accept this arrangement only when it produces judges they like."

While this motherfucker is technically correct that the Senate does not choose the nominee, well...y'know.

2) This motherfucker claimed "The court has taken sides in the culture war" and "has largely signed on to the so-called homosexual agenda." Given that, as far as I can tell, the homosexual agenda consists of one item stating "Why can't you goddamn straights leave us the fuck alone?", I'm not sure this is a bad thing. The same goes for this motherfucker's claim that the reasoning used in a particular SCOTUS decision "leaves on shaky, pretty shaky grounds, state laws limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples."

3) "But as you know and those who have covered the President for awhile, he likes to have the info, he likes to have the background, but he also is a field player, as I call him. He likes to size people up himself, make his own judgment. And what he wanted to do is to make sure the person matched the resume, to make sure that not only was this person -- had all the check marks on their resume, but also had those innate qualities you're looking for -- the character and temperament and judgment, and, frankly, leadership qualities that you want in the highest court in the land."

Anyone who believes this raise your hand. Mine's staying down.

4) This motherfucker took a break from talking about how South Carolinans are still pissed about Abraham Lincoln to note that "In a single word, John Roberts is 'solid.' Judge Roberts is a solid conservative who understands the role of a judge is to interpret the law and not legislate from the bench."

5) "It is mind-boggling to think that the Supreme Court has ruled to use the law, not to protect individuals, but to evacuate them from their homes so a business can come in and do its thing.

And this decision was carried out thanks to the Supreme Court's liberals. The conservatives voted against it. It says it all that Clarence Thomas wrote a dissenting opinion and that the NAACP was there on his side!"

I'll tell you what's mind-boggling -- that this motherfucker is considered by anyone to be insightful or informative. Good freakin' lord.

6) Last, but absolutely never least, this motherfucker declared a few months ago that Democratic filibustering of a handful of judicial nominees was "the most serious threat America has faced in nearly 400 years of history, more serious than al Qaeda, more serious than Nazi Germany and Japan, more serious than the Civil War."

Update: Ok, so I understand that these ones are more difficult than previous motherfucker quotes, so here's your pool of answers to choose from: Rick Santorum, Pat Robertson, Orrin Hatch, Star Parker, Ann Coulter, Scott McClellan, Lindsey Graham, Tom DeLay, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Dan Bartlett.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Thoughts From A Spontaneous Road Trip

1) Best Sign Ever: "Welcome to the Onandaga Territory, where thieves, rapists, and murderers rule under Gov. George Custer Pataki."

Fuckin' a.

2) If I hear one more yuppie schmuck in a coffeeshop go on about how fucking backwards people in red states are by virtue of where they live, I'm going to have to teach him or her some manners while making the asshole squeal like a pig. Look, I'm about as goddamned blue state as they come, but how the shit do you think we're going to be able to, y'know, win a fucking election (even for dogcatcher) if you jerkoffs can't get the fact that living in a conservative area doesn't make one an uneducated, low-IQ, fundamentalist nekulturny? Jesus fucking Christ riding on a mechanical bull, it's not like there isn't some blue in the red states, and a shitload of red in the blue states, as it only takes this map to see. And that's not even the half of it: the same creationist shit that goes on in Kansas goes on in Pennsylfuckingvania, too. Goddamn, you motherfuckers, goddamn. This is why, of course, we can't just ignore this red state bullshit as being the result of living in some geographic area that somehow sucks the intelligence and culture out of its residents. Somehow I bet these pricks voted for Nader, too.

3) I know the Rude Pundit and most of you ladies are just drooling over John Roberts, that judicial hunk, but I'm saving my Article III cherry for Edith Jones. There's not much a riding by a horsewoman of the right-wing apocolypse can't fix, as we'll be sure to find out when the zombie corpse of William Rehnquist finally decides to retire. Oh, shit, that'll be a lovely clusterfuck, won't it?

Tomorrow: An extra special edition of Name That Motherfucker.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Quickly Noted

Jack Balkin discusses the type of motherfucking John Roberts is likely to do as a Supreme Court Justice.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

More Civil Than Most

Amygdala has another Darfur link that should be read. I notice a lot of the chatter about Darfur , what little there was, seems to have more or less died down. And hey, the media's still talking about Iraq, and rotting corpses all smell alike!

Ah, how that pedophile logician Lewis Carroll knew what to make of "never forget":

"The horror of that moment," the King went on, "I shall never, never forget."

"You will though," the Queen said, "if you don't make a memorandum of it."
Kind of sad how apt Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are as social commentary, isn't it?

News Flash: Bush Nominates Motherfucker For SCOTUS

I know, you're all shocked. The only question that ever existed, of course, was the degree and nature of the particular motherfucker, because that's all Bush ever nominates (see every single damned person in this administration...betting that Bush is going to nominate a motherfucker is like betting that a horse is going to win the fucking Derby). Even Paul O'Neill was a motherfucker before tiring of fucking mothers. But, back to SCOTUS: would he be the kind of motherfucker that likes to have threesomes with his mother and his best friend's mother, like Antonin Scalia? Or perhaps a motherfucker-in-denial like Miguel Estrada?

The answer, as we now know, is John Glover Roberts, Jr., Federalist Society hack and bosom buddy of the President (thereby ensuring that in terms of partisanship, the Court will be at about the same point, just with less sometimes-displayed integrity). And there's a laundry list, widely available, of all the mothers Roberts has fucked, both as a high-ranking official under Reagan and this President's pappy: rights of defendants, the environment, the protections of the Voting Rights Act, school desegregation, and, of course, Ansche Hedgepath, otherwise known as the french fry girl. There's Hamdan v. Rumsfeld (a poor sign of times to come if I've ever seen one). He's argued against Roe and sided with Operation Rescue, among other groups, and, let's face it, when you're on the side of Randall Terry, you've hit the bottom. Shit, as a student, he argued the Contract Clause of the Constitution protected corporations from legislation that would make them increase their obligations to their employees. He's not Scalia, to be sure, but he's worse than Rehnquist: take the Chief and mix him with Almond Joy and you've got John Roberts, right-wing nutbar, a man who doesn't think the Rehnquist Court is conservative.

Of course, to help ensure that Roberts' motherfuckery stays under the radar, the excuses are being brought out, first and foremost being "He was a deputy in the Solicitor General's office! None of this are his personal views!", forgetting that Roberts was the "political deputy": a position where the occupant is given the ideologically-charged cases to handle, so that he might also help shape the ideology in question. This is especially the case with abortion, where the dumbasses at RedState.org (which, from this point on, I refuse to actually link to) and elsewhere would have you believe that during his 2003 DC Circuit Court confirmation hearings, when Roberts said Roe "was the settled law of the land", this means he won't touch Roe, as opposed to, y'know, whittling it away until it's completely meaningless.

So fuck it. The question now is what do we do? To be sure, regardless of what we do now, we're going to get a motherfucker. And when Rehnquist goes, we'll get another motherfucker, giving us 4 avowed fuckers of mothers on the Court. And perhaps Roberts isn't as bad as the alternatives: if we defeat him, who's next? Janice Rogers Brown? Edith Jones? So perhaps, we should be grateful that we've got one of the lesser of motherfuckers and be done with it.

If we take that route, though, we'd better make sure that we let the country know that Roberts isn't a stealth son of a bitch. Anywhere there's a Roberts lovefest going on, we should be there, busting it up like the G-Men of old might bust up a bootlegger's operation. He's a jackass, through and through, and we know it. They're not getting anything by us. Let's shove him and every legal document he's ever written up the asses of every American until their rectums bleed, so everyone knows what we've got and nobody's surprised when Roberts decides the executive branch can do pretty much whatever it wants, and there's no way these cocksuckers can accuse us of flip-flopping on his confirmation when we point out that this is the type of asshat you get with Republicans in power. If they thought what we did to Bork was bad, they should see what I would do if I were in the Senate when Roberts' nomination came to the floor (blowup dolls would be involved, like the one Bud Bundy tried to pretend was his girlfriend for a while).

With Bork, at least, everyone knew he was a crazy ass wingnutty motherfucker. For Roberts, we need to make that clear, because he doesn't display it. But, c'mon, what else do you expect when Bush has a primetime televised news conference, to help distract us from Karl Rove? We've got a white, male Federalist Society lawyer who was once Pappy's boy; another perfect representative of the type that this administration truly works for. A man, who, assuredly, answered the right way when they gave him a laundry list of issues to give his position on and who helped fix Florida for Bush back in 2000. Wonder of all wonders, that.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wednesday Preview

Tomorrow: Thoughts on John Roberts, and why the initial reaction of "We're fucked" to O'Connor's retirement was spot on.

High Standards

No, really -- I'm relieved to know that if someone is convicted of a crime and goes to jail, they won't be working in the White House anymore. I honestly didn't expect it from an administration that seems to model itself on Richard Nixon's.

What's really interesting is that CNN pointed out that this, in fact, differs from "I will fire someone who is found to be responsible." Yet, I wonder -- how does it "seem" to differ?

Maybe it's just that the media is still getting used to this whole "having a spine" thing.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Bombs Over Mecca

So, Tom Tancredo, the other bitchass Republican in Congress from the little old state of Colorado, feels a good way to win hearts and minds is by threatening to bomb the shit out of Mecca (and maybe Medina) if Muslim terrorists attack the US with nuclear weapons.

There's really nothing else to say about this other than that I know, deep down, Congressman Tancredo feels just as comfortable with talking about how if Jewish terrorists were to hit us, we'd hit Jeruselam. And it's a good thing Eric Rudolph never used a nuclear weapon, otherwise he'd be putting his political reputation on the line by advocating for a retaliatory strike against North Carolina. God bless the motherfucker.

Good lord, how much worse can these guys get? How the fuck do they keep getting elected if they think "PR" stands for "Piss and Retaliate" -- be it on wives of people they want to destroy, or any hopes of us not being viewed as the embodiment of evil by a number of people who might not be naturally inclined to support groups like al-Qaeda?

In other news, I can't bring myself to get excited over the fact that our president seems to have paid attention for one day in high school Civics. Smirking as is his wont, President Organ Monkey said, "I, of course, am the person that picks the nominee, and they get to decide whether or not the nominee gets confirmed. That's the way it has worked in the past. That's the way it's going to work in this administration."

He has a way of restating the obvious in a way that makes you sigh a big old sigh of relief, doesn't he? It's like the kid that's been braindamaged in an accident, and in the hospital, they're trying to check if he can follow the doctor's finger, and what do you know, he fucking does, and everyone cheers. Yay for the braindamaged kid, defying everyone's fucking expectations.

And, shit, why did the Associated Press decide to say that Bush gave clues about his eventual Supreme Court choice? Here's a clue for the AP: when a batshit right-wing motherfucker like George W. Bush says he wants a justice that's a "fair-minded individual who represents the mainstream of American law and American values" and who "will meet the highest standards of intellect, character and ability and will pledge to faithfully interpret the Constitution and laws of our country," he's talking about someone like Antonin "Silence Means That Sometimes I Wish My Wife Would Let Me Bugger Her" Scalia or Clarence "Being Chief Justice Means I Can Secure My Vital Porn Pipeline" Thomas. It's right-wing code speak, kind of like saying Dred Scott instead of Roe. These people are the worst fucking cryptographers ever.

In any case, this isn't exactly news: Bush said a long time ago he wanted someone like Thomas or Scalia. And he's been throwing around words like "character" and "integrity" and "Constitution" ever since O'Connor decided to end her reign of sometimes-integrity and sometimes-partisan hackery (I'm sorry, but Bush v. Gore cancels out any number of other shit, since we wouldn't be talking about this if it weren't for that). So where exactly is there some new clue about who Bush is going to choose? Did the AP suddenly realize he was going to appoint some batshit Federalist Society son of a bitch? Justice Ted Olson, here we fucking come. Next, the AP will realize that the religious right wants someone who'll say "Well whoop de do, let's put up the Ten Commandments in every goddamned room in this here Christian country while we mandate school prayer all up in this piece." So, ok, they want Roy Moore.

Damn, no wonder people pee themselves in pleasure whenever Bush acts like someone qualified to be president and not a braindamaged teenager. The press gets all giddy when he says the fucking obvious. Color me shocked.

Busy Morning

Post later this afternoon. This is interesting, in the meantime.

Incidentally, I've decided any blog with that insipid "Day by Day" cartoon (and I won't link it, because it might encourage them...if you haven't encountered it, and must, just go clicking around on Instapundit) is not fucking worth the time it takes to load, let alone read. Why someone would broadcast a poor man's Mallard Fillmore is beyond me.

Friday, July 15, 2005


Read Krugman. Do it now. Nothing else needs to be said, except that I would so give that man a blowjob if he wanted. I'd just love to see him in an environment without censorship.

Abortion Abortion Abortion

There's been a lot of discussion over the future of abortion rights, what with Sandra Day O'Connor retiring (after all, she was one of the plurality authors in Planned Parenthood v. Casey). Since it's almost certain that Bush's nominee will be a pro-life lapdog (or he'll have to show he is to get the religious right's support), this could be a problem, even though the pro-Roe crowd still has 5 votes, what with Ruth Bader Ginsburg replacing Byron White. Chuck Schumer, who would be the Democratic pretty boy if John Edwards and Evan Bayh suddenly got into helmetless motorcycle accidents, made it clear that we'd like to know how a potential Supreme Court justice feels about, y'know, the law, and so he or she will be asked about his or her views on abortion, gay marriage, and so on. So we can expect it to come up, and given the religious right, oh, will it ever come up. After all, remember that "culture of life" that was being prattled on and on and, for the love of Jesus on a mechanical bull, on about a bit ago? The two poster childs for it are abortion (and its apparently natural extension, stem cell research) and Terri "Is This Still Going On?" Schiavo. Yep, yep, we sure do love and respect life in this country, much as we respect that sacred institution of marriage. It's why the next natural Fox reality show would be a baby auction of some kind: "Who Wants To Raise My Baby?" or some shit like that.

Good god, the fucking pro-lifers. See, the thing to remember about pro-lifers is they're nothing but a bunch of hypocritical, tricked out bitches. That description particularly applies to politicians who've made abortion part of their new Southern Strategy (even if the Republicans are now paying lip service to apologizing for the original). The pro-life movement in this country isn't ultimately about abortion, it's about assaulting poor women.

Need an example? Here's one: the Hyde Amendment, which cut off federal funds for low-income women who had abortions (the fact that this is named after Henry Hyde, a Congressional scumsucker if there ever was one, should be telling). Ok, by itself, that might be well enough, right? Sure, there're ways to help poor women here even as we discourage them from having abortions. But, and here's the rub, insufficiently funding child care, Medicaid, and Medicare while cutting welfare and making requirements to be on welfare more stringent aren't some of them. This discussion hasn't been as prominent as it was, say, 10 years ago, but you can't bitch and moan about these welfare moms who are abusing the system by having lots of kids when you make it so they can't have abortions, motherfuckers. You force women to have kids, you'd better be able to provide if they fucking can't. It's criminal, is what it is. I'd like to know how many kids that would've been aborted, since 1976, ended up poor and on welfare.

Want another? How about the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003? "Partial Birth Abortion" is one of those completely inaccurate rhetorical bullshit wordings that the modern Republican party so adores, like "compassionate conservativism" that villifies compassion from liberals as being "bleeding heart" and "Clean Skies". There's nothing like playing up a rare procedure that's almost never done electively, almost always for medical necessity, as somehow being this plague "sacrificing" thousands of "children" a year to really get the heart pumping. And, of course, it will invariably be struck down just like its predecessors on the state level. All it would take for one of these laws to actually be found Constitutional is a little provision saying "Yeah, if it truly is medically necessary, you can do it." But they won't fucking do that, because it wouldn't be the electoral and fundraising goldmine it currently is.

So fuck the pro-life movement. It's nothing but exploitative. If these bitches were really pro-life, they'd be right there with the animal rights and anti-death penalty people, among other things. And there are, of course, noble souls who are actually consistent and truly mean and understand what they say; I'm not telling them to fuck off. They, however, usually don't associate themselves with these other motherfuckers. Moreover, we all know people who go on about how they would've voted Democrat if only it weren't for abortion. They can go fuck themselves, too, because they're rationalizing enablers. Do I feel anything for them? Well, no, I don't, because if they have the numbers they claim they do, they're responsible for all of the bullshit they bemoan while berating us about how little we love the "unborn" (a term which makes me think of zombies, man, zombie fetuses). And, I swear to God, I'm going to beat the next equivocating motherfucker who says "I support a woman's right to choose, but abortion's pretty icky," because nobody here is claiming we should force women to have abortions. It's not a fucking issue as to whether you like abortion in as much as you accept a woman has a right to decide what happens to her body or not. So shut the fuck up. Shit, no one likes abortion. Who goes around saying "Abortion is good, abortion is great, abort all your babies and it'll be a great date!"? Their decision, not yours, so stop making them feel bad or trying to villify them for something they probably don't feel good about anyway. And isn't it always goddamned men who say this? Yes, ladies, I apologize for the goddamned morons in my fucking gender who feel the need to merely tolerate your rights.

Meanwhile, we'll be busy sitting here, listening to people who get outraged over someone suggesting American troops might behave, y'know, just a little barbarically at times, calling people who disagree with them "feminazis" and watching the President and Rick "Homos Have Cooties" Santorum moan and cry at press conferences about the poor, poor, helpless little goddamned fetuses. After all, what else could possibly be better for us as a country to do?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Payback's A Bitch

It's rather beautiful watching the press pay back Karl Rove for all of the shit they finally realized he made them swallow over the last five years. The jailing of Judith Miller for his fat, balding ass seems to have shocked them like a defibrillator. And oh, are they ever pissed. See, before, they only had to regurgitate what they were fed without really thinking too much about it; it was nice and easy, and they didn't make any enemies that mattered. Shit, they might get invented to some cool White House parties and stuff, maybe get some margaritas. And hell, maybe one of the Bush twins would get smashed and start table dancing or something.

But now, it's personal, as Pepper pointed out yesterday. Now they see, there might be consequences for sucking at Karl Rove's teat, even if the milk is sour. And oh, are they bitter, because not only are they fixating on the Rove story in a manner unseen since, well, that girl in Aruba went missing (bad phrasing, clearly), but they're going after our dear beloved President. The Times essentially says "Hey, remember when Bush promised to get to the bottom of the Plame leak and remove whomever was responsible? Cause he seems to have forgotten, so maybe we should remind him." Shit, all the headlines may as well say "Bush Does Not French Mr. Rove In Sign Of Support and Love." And we've seen how the press treated Scott McClellan on two straight days.

Shocked back into rhythm, they are. Hopefully it'll stay that way, and nothing will crash. Seems unlikely given their history, but hey, who knows? The press might finally realize that if a hooker gives you herpes, you should probably stop sleeping with her. It's about damn time.

Update: Over at the O'Reilly Sucks Message Board, we have reports that O'Reilly is continuing to show just how badly he needs a microphone shoved up his ass.

Fiscal Responsibility

John Cole finds this story:

Nevada's chapter of the Young Republicans has basically imploded, leaving its chairman with up to $25,000 in personal debt and allegations that he mishandled money.

All but three people have resigned from the statewide group, but the fallout could prove increasingly embarrassing to the entire state Republican Party.
What? Republicans mishandle money? You mean like how they decided tax cuts were more fucking important than anything resembling fiscal solvency? Or how the party of the free market gives out no-bid contracts left and right?

It gets better, though:
Today, the chairman of the group, Reno resident Nathan Taylor, plans to hold a press conference attacking three of the state's party leaders -- Sen. John Ensign, Rep. Jim Gibbons and Rep. Jon Porter.

Taylor argues that the state's Republican delegation should have helped him fund the national Young Republican convention held last week at Mandalay Bay.
There's your personal responsibility, right there, motherfuckers.

I think if Mitch Daniels has a job for this young boy, sitting right by his ass, where pretty much everything that had to do with the budget during the first Bush term came out.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm Back

Isn't it fucking sad when CNBC is asking tougher questions of Bush administration officials than anyone else?

Ah well. It seems having one of their own, even if she is a class A bitch, thrown in jail, has galvanized the press into finally, finally realizing just how badly they've been used.

Maybe. One can always hope, anyway.

Regular posting'll resume tomorrow.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Karl Rove In Jail (An Unlikely Fantasy)

As he applied ointment to his sore, semen-encrusted anus, Karl Rove shook his head. He knew trying to get involved with the white supremacists was a bad idea, but what other gang would take his chubby white ass? And now that was a bust. All because he couldn't stop himself from trying to play off the various gang factions against themselves, allowing him to rise to the top, controlling the same sorts of people he had once controlled as George W. Bush's keeper. "Sloppy, Karl, real sloppy," he thought to himself, wincing as he hit a particular sore patch of ass. And the guards, just watching? Didn't they know who the fuck he was? He was Turd Blossom, the closest advisor to the President of these goddamned United States. Some respect he was being shown.

All those years, he had no idea it was really like this, the way prisoners were treated. The stories about rape, beatings: those were just liberals trying to get prisoners to be coddled, as Ann Coulter constantly pointed out. Suddenly, Karl's anger flared back up. Fuck 'em. They were mean to him. He'd just have to make sure he never came back before reletting out his rage at the way he's been abused on the rest of the country, especially on those damned liberals who put him in this mess. Oh, how they would pay. He could just see them now, sniveling at his poor fortune. Because that's what it was, just bad luck. He didn't really do anything wrong. It was that goddamned cunt, Judith Miller. Sure, she had served her purposes well, but he should've known that she was, in the end, a pushover. Without her, they had nothing. Nothing. Oh, how the anger had risen up in him when they took him away in handcuffs, Joseph Wilson grinning wildly all the while. But of course, that motherfucker and his prissy little wife had it coming. How dare they call him on the yellowcake story? Didn't they know their place?

Suddenly, Rove is paralyzed by fear. What if he dies in here? Certainly, that's possible, and the guards wouldn't do anything. Rove shivered. He'd never been in a situation like this. Certainly not at the University of Utah or as president of the College Republicans. Those were fond times, getting his start, kicking around with Lee Atwater. Poor, poor, Lee, so misguided at the end, thinking there was an error to his ways. But now it occurs to Rove that maybe Atwater was right, that maybe Lee is in hell, having certain dirty tricks played on him for eternity by the Devil -- tricks that might involve a pitchfork and certain body parts. Oh, the horror, seeing his face instead of Lee's in a Hellish vision. "Perhaps I was mistaken...perhaps I in fact haven't done anything worth doing with my life."

Just as suddenly as it came on, he snaps out of it. Of course Lee Atwater, that sorry, weak sap, was mistaken. Look at all Karl Rove had accomplished, getting that organ monkey to be elected governor of Texas and President, both twice! How can something so effective be wrong? It just didn't make any sense. Probably a side effect of the disgusting, moldy food they made him eat here. In any case, he had the trump card. If it got too bad, he could always give up Dubya. "Turd Blossom" his ass. Gotta look out for Number One, after all. But of course it wouldn't come to that. He'd be out of here in no time. Fucking savages, all of them. He takes a big shit and goes to sleep, knowing his back will be killing him tomorrow morning, just like it did every morning.

The next day, at shower time, Rove gets a feeling something's wrong. He looks over his shoulder and sees White Supremacist Bill with, oh dear god, an electric blender in his hand, approaching Rove menacingly, penis bared. Karl Rove gulps, truly knowing fear. Suddenly, Rove knows what he needs to do: he needs to get the fuck out of here. Fuck Bush. He'll go as soon as he can to the warden and tell him what the deal is.

And as the blender head penetrates his anus, he screams in agony, screaming about how he'll tell them everything he knows, how he'll give up George W. Bush, if only for the love of god they'd put him in a cushy minimum security prison, and why the hell aren't the guards doing anything?

Note: Sadly, of course, it would never come to this. No, even if Rove were somehow charged and found guilty of something serious, he would be pardoned, just like Bush's pappy pardoned Casper Weinberger and those other Iran-Contra constitution-subverting motherfuckers. As satisfying as this is, we may as well not get worked up, because our hearts will only get broken.

Pity, that. I was just starting to get excited by the thought of Karl Rove being sodomized violently by some very nice, large men.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's About That Time

A couple of days ago, Digby talked about the situation created by the "Gang of 14"'s compromise on the "nuclear option" with respect to the next Supreme Court nominee. I can sum up what I think in three words: fuck them all. Fuck Bush, fuck the religious right, fuck the Gang of 14 (and for that matter, any Democrat who thinks you can compromise with these shitheads in any meaningful sense), fuck congressional Republicans who may talk the talk but can't be bothered to act up to their words, and fuck the media.

Did I leave anyone out?

I want this. I wanted this back when we were discussing a generic federal court nominee. I want to have this fight. What do we have to lose? Absolutely nothing. We're like a sex slave locked out in the barn, brought out only when the slavemaster's feeling randy. Sure, we can talk and talk, but that only puts off the inevitable -- we're going to get fucked, somewhere, sometime, in a place the master wants. The worst thing that happens is that we get fucked a little harder. And that difference of degree, in the end, matters almost not a bit. It's the difference between being raped and being raped extra hard. Sure, it hurts a little more, comes a little more quickly, maybe there's some more bleeding, but you're still getting raped.

I'm not scared of Rick Santorum or Bill Frist or anyone going nuclear, because, frankly, I think they're bluffing. I don't think they have their caucus on board. It's time to call them on it. If we win the battle, it's like Mike Tyson getting beaten by Buster Douglas. You sit back, go "what the fuck?", and look around more carefully to make sure you're awake. If we lose, well, hell, what do we have to lose? It's mutually assured destruction, have no doubt about it. Cause, see, as the Rude Pundit put it, Republicans are are some filibustering motherfuckers when they're not the ones choosing the nominees. And at some point, they won't be. So hey, if they want to fuck us now, I have no problem letting them fuck themselves somewhere down the road. And, let's be honest here: any Democrat that continues to cooperate with these bitches, that hasn't learned his lesson yet, isn't worthy of the name. Screw our seven of the Gang. They knew what they were getting when they agreed to the damned thing, and if they didn't, how the hell did they get elected to the Senate? Wasn't it perfectly clear that the Republicans were going to try to milk this for all it was worth, saying that if you agreed to let Brown in, you agreed to let everyone to the left of Pat Buchanan in? Sure, it bought some time, and not being in or around the Senate, that might've been key at the time, but goddamnit, did anyone think this was going to last?

And, especially, screw the other seven, who can't be bothered to vote the right way. though they'll talk and they'll talk about how much they're uncomfortable with administration policy. George Voinovich has done more than any of them to actually stand up to the administration, and he's a schmuck. Doghouse Riley shakes his head at the second most notorious of these motherfuckers, Chuck Hagel. I'll take these supposedly moderate Republicans seriously when they actually do more than preen to the center. If they come looking for a compromise, fuck it. On the filibuster, from a political standpoint, you really are with us or against us. You allow certain nominees in and others not? Shit, there's an easy way to spin that to justify all the nominees getting in.

Here, just like with so many other things the Republican leadership pushes, there's no viable middle ground. So why are we trying to stand there when we know fully well it doesn't exist? You don't think a particular nominee should get filibustered, make that case. But don't try to compromise on the nuclear option. It's fruitless. It's bringing a knife to a gun fight. And it's a fight we need to have, for the same reason we needed to have the fight over the Family Marriage Amendment. The Republican Party needs to start being responsible for its rhetoric, to try to actually implement some of the things they go on bitching about, to either do what they say they're going to or have it shown that they don't have the balls or the support to do it. So let's fight. What else do you expect a wounded and cornered animal to do?

Brief Thoughts While Watching Fox Nooz

While stuck waiting for an appointment this morning, I was forcefed Fox Nooz, and the following thoughts came to mind:

1) What sort of sick mind decides they should call weather forecasters "Foxcasters"? How the flying fuck does that make any sense at all? We fucking know we're watching Fox already. You've got that damned logo in the corner, reminding me not to take what's up on the screen seriously, and thank god for that. I might fall back into my old habit of thinking Bill O'Reilly's just engaging in satire, that he doesn't really need to be violently sodomized with a microphone, or, really, whatever's handy.

2) Who names their kid Jug Twitty? How does Natalee Holloway's mother know what happened to her daughter? And why does this merit national news status?

3) Headline: "When will there be real justice for sex offenders?"

I have nothing to add to that.

Later: More on the nuclear option.
Tomorrow: Karl Rove in jail (an unlikely fantasy).

Monday, July 04, 2005

Sandy Dee O-C Is Gone, Doo Da, Doo Da...

The first thing we need to realize is that there's no fucking way we're avoiding having Sandra Day O'Connor replaced with someone to the left of Pinochet. It's not going to happen. The most moderate nominee we might get is our own Secretary of Detainee Ass-Raping, Alberto Gonzalez, who, from time to time, showed flashes of integrity on the Texas Supreme Court, executions notwithstanding. We're not going to get someone committed to upholding Roe, we're not going to get anyone we like.

And why is that? Well, it's because on that fateful day last November, the people of this country (not counting those who tried to vote and were turned away or disenfranchised somehow) decided that we were, in fact, a nation of savages: that the economy didn't fucking matter, health care didn't fucking matter, and most of all, the Supreme Court didn't matter, as long the blood kept a-pourin'. It was disgusting then, to see Hunter S. Thompson's remark "America... just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable" demonstrated. Oh, how we saw that a well-told lie beats the truth. And oh, how I wallow in anger every time I reflect back to that day.

But enough of that. We're more or less fucked, yes. The most we can hope for is that we don't get someone who's a complete toadie of the religious right, who at least has some notion of judicial integrity. This, however, will likely not be coming unless by some divine blessing, Bush nominates another Souter, or Gonzalez shows that he's a Kennedy.

After all, this group likes nothing more than to boil things down to questions of ideology. Family Research Council's own Tony Perkins said "They are being blocked because they are people of faith and moral conviction. These are people whose only offense is to say that abortion is wrong or that marriage should be between one man and one woman" with regard to Miguel Estrada and Priscella Owen, who did such things as refuse to turn over documents and, hell, get branded as "judicial activists" by none other than Mr. Gonzalez. And that's the rub: for all the right goes on and on about "judicial activists," they want their ideology imposed by law, with only lip service to the Constitution, a document they can't amend to get their way despite their claims of having the numbers to be able to do so. They want nothing less than to abandon the rule of law, to make it arbitrary, dependant on the ideological whims of the majority. Shit, if they get their way, we're not just regressing past Roe (which, for the time being, seems to be safe regardless of who gets appointed in this instance), we'll be regressing past Henry the fucking Second.

And ultimately, that's what's at stake. It's nothing less than the nature of our legal system. So bring on the filibuster, motherfuckers. They'll re-haul out the nuclear option, of course, but it's time to settle this. Fuck the deal; if Bush nominates who the Christian Right wants, the "Gang of 14" can shove it up their ass. You want to talk about qualifications? I've got your first and foremost qualification to be a Supreme Court Justice right here: you should not sit on the fucking Supreme Court of the fucking United States if you don't believe in the rule of fucking law. That's an easy principle, I think. If you believe precedent should just be tossed aside because you don't agree with it, you don't belong on the bench, let alone the Supreme Court.

We know what their rhetoric is going to be. Oh, the Christian Right will go on and on about how Jesus loves his little conservative judges, and how President Bush must support a Jesus-loved judge, because of the fetuses and the vegetables like St. Terri, but especially the fucking curled up little fetuses (and I swear, I'm going to kick the next person who says they don't support abortion but support a woman's right to choose in the balls, because, goddamnit, they always seem to be men, don't they?). We will hear oh so much about how Jesus wants us to post the Ten Commandments in every room, and maybe shove it up the asses of some atheists just for good measure. It's enough to make you wish God would just give Jesus some chores to do already, because the boy's clearly got too much time on his hands. And the rest of the Republican Party, the ones who try to pretend they're above the religious faction of their party, oh, they'll go on about "originalism" without knowing what the fuck it is they're talking about, because they actually think Scalia and Thomas are goddamned originalists. They'll say how we need jurists who will "not invent rights" and who will "read the Constitution" as they wank their tiny, shriveled little penises while thinking of stroking Ann Coulter's adam's apple.

Oh yes, we know what they're going to say, and shit, what they're already saying. And we know we're not going to get liberals as nominees. We've hopefully accepted that we're more or less fucked. We just want it to be less than more. So let's not merely ask "Would you like to overturn Roe?" The answer's going to be yes, barring some miracle. Let's ask, "Are you now saying that you will overturn Roe, and why the fuck are you saying that without a specific case coming up?" Let's make it clear we're not opposing conservatives, because lord knows, if we successfully manage to do that, we'll have two seats unfilled until at least January 2007. We oppose people who believe law is arbitrary and who want to toss aside the integrity of the judiciary. Because for all the wanking of the right, that's what they want, and it's a really, really easy case to make, and even better, it's true.

Because if that happens, if these cuntrags get their way, then we truly will be barbarians. Say goodbye to abortion rights, but not just that. Oh, lordy, no, it would be nice if it ended there. Say goodbye to environmental protections, to church/state separation, to gay rights, to any semblence of rights for those poor motherfuckers down at Gitmo, to separation of powers, and for our own civil liberties. We'll be left with nothing but howling at the moon and raping women while we rip the meat off the bones of our enemies.

It's so on. We owe it to ourselves, and shit, it's the Fourth of July, so let me say this: we owe it those who helped make this country what it is. We owe history to not take this standing down. None of this crap about leaving for Canada or Europe. If they're going to rape this country, they're going to have to do it through us, and fuck anyone who equivocates. Bring it? Oh, it's so already brought.

Happy Fourth of July. And read this over at Digby's. There are setbacks, but eventually, we'll manage to make this a better place. That, ultimately, is why we must fight.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

And Never A More Useless Sack of Shit Has There Been

Can't the Times just clone Paul Krugman to write Thomas Friedman's columns? He's such a small, small, tiny little man, afraid of writing anything of substance, so he spouts out platitudes and "commentary" like this.

I first realized just how useless Thomas Friedman is back in my college days. See, Tommy Boy came to give a talk about how wonderful globalization is. I wasn't really familiar with him, but a friend of mine absolutely fucking loved From Beirut to Jeruselam, and she was hot, so I went (I had already figured what I was going to hear from him and discounted it). And oh, was it worth going. See, Tom is a combatant little bitch who doesn't like to be questioned, and after a couple of reasonable questions, the specifics of which escape me, Tom shot back at a student, "And how many economics classes have you taken?" The student answered, "1," and Tom gave him a look screaming "So why are you talking to me, you impudent little snot?" and said "Next!" without responding to the damned question.

Now, I'd gone to this talk right after hearing some shithead Objectivist declare quantum mechanics had to be wrong because he didn't understand it (like oh so many things, obviously), and so I was in a rather sour and combative mood, having wasted an hour with that bullshit. It was an hour I would rather've spent getting reamed by Karl Rove, let me say. But when I say I wasn't too familiar with Thomas Friedman, oh, did I know one thing about him. See, Tommy never took an economics class in college. And he'd just demonstrated that a necessary condition for being qualified to talk about economics is having taken classes. So I shot my hand up, waiting for my opportunity to pounce. Sadly, someone else beat me to the punch. And in response, Friedman glared at all of us, sulked, and went on to the next question. You could feel his penis, all engorged at the power of being able to tell us college students what's what, shrivel. It was that fucking palpable.

And since then, Friedman's done absolutely nothing to demonstrate he's not worthless. There was his pimping of the war on terror and the Iraq war, and his constant bleating about globalization. And now, this piece of crap, which Matt Yglesias criticizes.

It's enough to make me want William Safire to come back, just to get rid of Tom.

Oh When The Frogs, Come Marchin' In...

And, it appears, it's all coming together now. On Friday, Lawrence O'Donnell let it slip that Karl Rove is the national security-harming motherfucker responsible for the Valerie Plame leak. And oh lordy, is this good. Cause can't you just see Bob Novak, bent over, Karl Rove penetrating him, telling him to just take it like the good little soldier he is? And oh, if there's one thing Bob Novak's good at it, it's taking it from this administration. Shit, his ass doesn't need Vasoline anymore. It's a good thing nobody was killed because of this (that we know of, anyway), cause otherwise that motherfucker's an accessory.

It's kind of a shame that Novak's getting off scot-free. After all, he chose to take it from Karl and run it. Shit, even Judith Miller didn't take the bait, and there's no reason to believe she doubts anything. And this outing of Rove, or whomever else the source ends up being? Perfectly ok. Because when classified information is leaked, it's usually done to inform the public of something they would never, ever have gotten (see the Pentagon Papers). The whole point of protecting leakers is that usually the leak endangers the career or person of the leaker, who's acted in the best interest of the country. But there was nothing to do this but vengeance. The printing of Plame's name did no one good but those trying to get back at her husband. So fuck the leaker, and fuck Judith Miller, because giving up this source isn't the same as compromising anonymous sources in general (not that Judith Miller should ever be allowed to use anonymous sources again after the fuckfest that was her reporting on Iraqi WMDs).

And if it's Rove, which apparently the media seems convinced it is, how fucking great is that? No wonder, then, that Bush lied his ass off about wanting to find out who leaked the name. And oh how the media took that for granted: "Sure, he wants to find it! No need for us to report!" Clearly a story much less important than if Kobe fucked some white girl in Colorado or if Michael Jackson touched some kids, and of course, it would have no bearing on the election, so why talk about it?

It's the little things that break presidencies. The sloppy, sloppy little things, like botching a clown show of a burglary. Here, Karl Rove, who's little more than a sexually frustrated fat thug (hence his compulsive need to rape all of us, I think), read something, got pissed, and made some calls in a fit of anger. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. But then again, subtlety has never been one of Karl's strengths, like those attacks on McCain in South Carolina or smearing John Kerry by calling him a traitor (why didn't Plame come up during the election much at all?) Remember, Vietnam softened up Nixon, and it was Watergate that took him down, because he had to go after Vietnam, but it was hard to pin things directly on him. Iraq's certainly softened up Bush, and, shit, we have an easier time pinning things on him, thanks to the Downing Street Memos. And now, if this is all true, Karl Rove will be up for perjury charges once Miller coughs up her correspondance. Hell, given the luminaries who testified, there might even be obstruction of justice charges in the offing.

This could, hopefully, make Bush into the earliest lame duck president in history, though I still wouldn't hold my breath for impeachment, for two reasons. First, despite Republican claims that the Clinton impeachment was about obstruction of justice and perjury, this story still lacks pussy (unless Valerie Plame's pussy came up in the correspondance between Rove and the reporters). Second, Republicans are cocksucking whores. So I don't think we'll quite have Nixon redux, except in legacy.

But, shit, if this is true, I'm going to enjoy it when they take Karl Rove into handcuffs. I'll sit back, light a cigar, and enjoy the thought of Rove meeting some nice prisoner, knowing, finally, what it feels like to be the bitch. It's just too bad Bob Novak won't be joining him there. Cause, finally, in the end, all your shit catches up to you. If there's no other lesson to take away from this administration, at least we have that.

Update: As always, Digby gets the message spot on.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Yeah, We're Probably Fucked

Pepper cites the following line from Bush's remarks following O'Connor's resignation: "The nation also deserves a dignified process of confirmation in the United States Senate...characterized by a fair vote."

Dignity in this process starts with you, motherfucker. And if we've learned one thing about this president and nominations, it's that dignity is one of the last things coming.

More later today or tomorrow.

Update: Ok, so I lied. More Monday, unless I have an Archimedes-in-the-bathtub moment tonight or tomorrow.

Those Goddamned Definitions

So, a team of GIs are missing in Afghanistan. Let's play with a hypothetical, shall we?

Suppose next week we get pictures of them in a cave. A few, maybe 3-4 Talibs are with them. In these pictures, the GIs are forced to simulate gay sex acts in front of their Taliban captors and some burqa-clad women? And what if those Talibs were standing there with their shit-eatin' grins, smiling and with their thumbs up, guns pointed at the soldiers' cocks?

What if we got reports about Bibles or Constitutions somehow having urine splashed on them, by some great fucking mysterious process that nobody can explain? What if they were chained to the ground, under the hot Afghan sun, and left there without food or water to shit and piss on themselves?

Do you think it would make a goddamned difference if the Taliban leadership said this behavior was anti-Islamic? Would Rush Limbaugh be sitting there talking about what a fucking resort that cave is, because the soldiers got lemon shishkabob and two, not one, but two, types of fruit? How lucky the GIs are to be able to defecate on themselves, because, shit, the Nazis didn't let the Jews do that? Would we all collectively shake our heads, sigh, and condemn those few bad apples who give the Taliban a bad name? Maybe Michelle Malkin would point out that prisoners get treated worse in the jails of Afghanistan! Or would we want to pull out of Iraq and send our entire army (or maybe just Rambo) in to fuck that country up its ass all over again, giving it a carpet bombing that made what we did to Cambodia look like a throw rug bombing?

And somehow, we're surprised or disgusted that this is the Muslim world's response to our excesses. Cause, see, we've defined ourselves to be better than anyone else. It doesn't matter if we fall into a decadence that makes Rome look like Geneva, Caligula like Calvin (other than them both being fucking insane). We'll still, by and large, be going around talking about bad apples and how we're the best nation on earth and how dare you make historical comparisons to anybody, you fucking troop-hating shithead? No, we're the greatest nation on earth, and if we don't act like it, that doesn't say anything about us; and a lack of outrage certainly doesn't say anything about the state of our national character. Definitions, man, definitions. We're not the greatest because we've had, enshrined in our fucking founding documents, notions of rights and freedoms that were completely revolutionary. How could we be when our leaders have done their best to strip that shit away? After all, we're still number one, right? Go team, etc.

The reason no one would go around shaking their heads about bad apples in the Taliban is because they've clearly demonstrated they don't give a shit, from top to bottom, that they hate and despise us and all that we care about. And when we look in the mirror, what do we have? A man who formulated an argument to get around the Geneva Conventions elevated to Secretary of Detainee Ass-Raping, otherwise known in this administration as Attorney General. A president who can't be bothered to take responsibility for anything while sucking up to the religious right, which has denounced Islam as a "wicked" religion and who has issued a document trail authorizing immunity from the law for certain accessories to torture, and then was fucking re-elected. A nation whose reaction to the Abu Ghraib pictures seemed to involve more masturbating than outcrying (are we that fucking sexually repressed as a country?). Motherfuckers like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter polluting the airwaves and bookstores with their tripe, while millions of us lap it up. A (so far small but not insignificant) group of soldiers who lack the education and moral judgement to be able to say "No, I won't follow that order, and if you want someone tortured, do itself, you fuckhead."

And, in the end, maybe after staring in the mirror enough, we'll realize that there is no "we" and "them." There's just "us." We all hate the same, focus on ourselves the same. The only difference is that we can restrain ourselves better. Or at least we could. Welcome to George W. Bush's America, where freedoms are on the decline and rhetoric is cheap, like condoms at a whorehouse, and where we don't even need to bother pretending we've got the values we associate with the United States, because, by definition, we're better than all those other poor shitheads out there who don't get to be us.