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Sunday, June 12, 2005

This Isn't Nixon Redux, It's Worse

The Downing Street Memo is not, in of itself, especially important in terms of public opinion, as I argued earlier. After all, I find it really fucking hard to believe that almost everyone who is willing to be convinced does not already know in their heart of hearts that Bush willfully "misled" us into going to war. What Downing Street does is confirm that he out and out lied like Richard Helms in front of Congress, not just was "deceived by the overwhelming body of evidence.".

But the media won't use the term "lied," not while he's still in office, which just goes to show how liberal the media is given how they went on, and oh, did they ever go on, about how Bill Clinton just couldn't stop lying. And as much as I hate to break it to the poor saps laboring to get Bush impeached, it's not going to happen, regardless of what evidence we can accumulate regarding Iraq, primarily because the Republicans that get elected are two-bucks-a-fuck whores.

Now, don't get me wrong -- Downing Street should be covered, because it's actual news (though it unfortunately doesn't involve missing white girls). It says a lot about the media that it's been more or less glossed over and that as soon as the Michael Jackson verdict is revealed, or another wealthy white girl goes missing, it'll be shunted to page A20 or whereever the fuck it is that stories that get ignored go.

But this (via All Spin Zone) is something completely different. Here we have another British memo claiming that Britain had to, to quote the BBC, "sex up" Iraqi intelligence (and remember what the BBC went through because of that?...Instapundit was all on that one). I'll leave the details of Blair's complicity in this murderous con game aside, because the Brits are the ones who'll have to deal with him.

Here, what it seems is that Bush decided "Fuck, I'm gonna go git Saddam...yee-haw, I'm a cowboy!", told Blair of this and that we were gonna use the UK's bases, and Blair said "Yes sir, thank you sir" and went about doing his part. So ultimately, this is a revealing look not just into how Bush views war, but how they view the law. After all, treaties we're party to, including the UN charter, are "the highest law of the land," even under the most originalist view of the damned Constitution (unless you feel the Founders were using some fucked up reverse psychology none of us can understand). Not only is Bush the future convict that says "I know what the law is, but fuck it, I wanna murder me some folks" he goes around telling potential accomplices "You're gonna say fuck the law, too, or you're getting shanghaied," while Tony Blair responded "Yes sir, thank you sir, may I have another?" What would we say about a criminal like that? Wouldn't we throw the book at them? Wouldn't they become right-wing poster children for why, despite the endemic of rape, prisons "coddle" prisoners (which I think says something about how they view anal violation)?

And now George W. Bush should, in a world with a media that did its job and with a Congress that cared about such antiquated notions as checks and balances, be in a worse position than Tricky Dick was in the summer of 72 (which is only fitting, given that even such an avowed Nixon hater as the late Hunter S. Thompson wrote that he would vote for Dick over his political heir). After all, we knew Nixon lied -- but there wasn't evidence he went out of his way to flount the law. No, that only came with the dirty money scandal that finally let us get rid of him. But for Bush, not only did he lie, he went out of his way to sodomize the physical embodiment of law, just like, say, Florida 2000. And he won't go down for this, because we won't demand it (what does it say about us if our leaders are guilty of mass murder?), because Congressional Republicans (and many Democrats as well) are spineless cocksuckers who won't admit they made a mistake, and, finally, because there's no money or pussy involved. On the other hand, if we can find money or pussy, or, better still, pussies filled with money, somewhere...

But maybe, just maybe, the media and the public, both of whom wet themselves at the idea of war back before things started going poorly, will finally, at long sweet last, learn that you should be careful about drinking anything a cheap hooker gives you.

Wait, what's that! I think I hear about a missing white girl that may have been molested by Michael Jackson! Onto more important things...