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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Strange Fruit Planters

I'll post some more thoughts on the apology for not having taking action on lynching later, but first, who do you think those 12 scumbags are? You see, unlike Bill O'Reilly, we here at Uncivil Discourse have no problem with speculation, since we also have no problem admitting it when we make a mistake, unlike the previously mentioned asshat.

Some guidelines: the 78 co-sponsors can be found here and here, so it's probably not any of them.

My guess right now is that they include Lott, due to his strong affiliation with the Council of Up With White Folks, but I'm not sure whom else is a likely candidate. Really, anyone who's not on for sponsoring this should be kicked in the nuts, even if they didn't have an objection to voting for it.

And as for those assholes who'd rather pander to people who wish we could go back to this, well, frankly, they ought to be dipped in coal oil and slowly dropped into a fire, metaphorically speaking. These are probably the same fuckers who compared our opposition to Janice Brown to a "lynching," which I guess coming from them is a compliment. 'Cause, you know, denial of a lifetime judicial appointment is just like stringing someone up.

But this is all tied together. Perhaps protection of civil rights (including integrity in the judiciary, which has done more for civil rights than any other institution in this country over the last century) has always been like dunking the conservative movement, whether it's expressed by Democrats or Republicans, in a big fire after wrapping a rope around it.

Update: John gives the latest list of candidates.

Further Update: John is totally all over this...looks like some Senate staffers don't know it's not ok to lie to their bosses' constituents.