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Friday, June 17, 2005

Of Course They Can't Let This Go

We're never going to hear the end of this, are we?

Of course not. Why drop it when you can just issue more slander? And of course it's not just Jeb involved here -- he's going to have all the support of DeLay, the Florida legislature, and Randall Terry (though Bill Frist apparently said "Can we please move on and forget I was involved in this, please?" before stopping himself from crying, for fear he might contract AIDS if other people started bawling around him). I suppose when you've lost this much standing over a single fucking issue, you may as well see it all the way through...

How many groups have they said "Fuck you" to over this? There's Michael Schiavo, the courts, the medical community, now the coroners...who's left? It doesn't even seem like they have any sort of a plan on this, just like they never had a plan on Social Security. It's all a big audible to the "culture of life," to distract us from real news (the runaway bride and missing Alabama girl surely helped, as did the Jackson trial, but now that's done).

In more Terri-related idiocy, Sadly, No! catches Michelle "Queen of the Wingnuts" Malkin just making shit up as she is wont to do.

Man, it must be sweet to not have to worry about credibility, integrity, or accuracy.