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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Michael Jackson's Penis: A More Powerful Cultural Force Than The Clenis

Finally, it's over. Not that this will stop masses from discussing how the jury was biased, how Michael only got off because he's a celebrity, and so on, without being able to point to, y'know, evidence.

But I just want to know: why the hell, as a society, did we care about this? Isn't it pretty obvious that it never mattered at all if Michael Jackson fucked a 13 year old or, well, LaToya or not? It matters if, and only if, you are that boy, Jackson, or someone emotionally linked to either the accuser or the accused. It makes no difference at all if it were alleged that Michael had his dick rubbed by Bubbles while moaning "Yes, stroke the King, stroke it" while thinking of his kid, blanket. It makes no difference at all in the larger scheme of things. It's nothing but a distraction. The problem is, of course, that the media loves nothing but to distract. And oh, did they ever, probably wronging Michael Jackson in the process of focusing on his every move and playing to those who knew, just knew, he was guilty, on the basis that he's fucking weird.

But now, it's over. Thankfully. Because there's important shit going on that would be overshadowed by Michael this and Michael that. Like, say, the discussion about closing Gitmo, an idea I've discussed before as being a horrible thing to advocate. Or, most importantly, John Conyers' hearing about Downing Street on Thursday. Even the three-days-after-verdict Michael's penis chatter can't distract from that...or can it? The media will do their best, assuredly, because, as Billmon notes, it'll cause them to admit they can quite often be shameless toadies for this administration.