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Monday, June 13, 2005

Liberal Media

The New York Times has an article on the latest British memo, with headline "Preware British Memo Says War Decision Wasn't Made."

Huh? As the Times of London put it, "The briefing paper is certain to add to the pressure, particularly on the American president, because of the damaging revelation that Bush and Blair agreed on regime change in April 2002 and then looked for a way to justify it."

Oh, wait: "While the latest memorandum appears to have been written by a British intelligence official after a visit to Washington, the central fact reported - that the American military was in the midst of advanced planning for an invasion of Iraq - was no secret. The New York Times published details of that plan two weeks before the memorandum was written."

So fucking worthless.

On the subject of this new memo, some, including our friends over at The Daily Pepper think the right tack to take is the one the AP did, showing how Bush didn't plan at all for the postwar situation. But, um, isn't that something we all knew already? When they were going around talking about how it would be a cakewalk, isn't that just a little bit of a hint that we weren't planning? And isn't it clear that we went in with too few troops, etc? I can't see how this is anything at all new...