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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Justice, Pakistani Style

Nicholas Kristof is a ballsy motherfucker, more of a man than William Safire, David Brooks, Robert Novak, and all those other sons of bitches put together. See, Kristof not only takes on issues that need to be taken on, but he'll do the hardscrabble reporting, and travel to, for example, Darfur, a topic he was one of the first to start writing about. Sometimes he fucks that shit up: see almost everything he wrote on girl-purchasing, where he stroked his own ego a tad.

But all in all, we could use more people like Kristof, y'know, journalists, in journalism. For the love of god, though, when he starts talking about domestic politics, he becomes a gigantic mealy-mouthed tool, who gets upset when mean old liberals call Bush a "liar." For a good example, see Roger Ailes on Kristof attacking feminists over sex slavery.

But in his latest, Kristof isn't touching that shit. No, he's going after Pakistani President Musharraf. Now, the thing about Pakistan you have to understand is that it's one of the countries we like to call out for human rights abuses but continue to sell planes to, cause President Musharraf promises us he'll use that shit to get terrorists, not, say, to be used in Kashmir. It's a perfect example of the stone-throwing-in-glass-houses mentality of this administration when it comes to human rights, an administration that had the galls to claim in the same report that the only human rights violations in Iraq are the fault of the fuckin' Iraqis. So really, it's a good thing we're taking on Pakistan, even if it's only rhetoric, something they understand (and oh, do the people in Pakistan understand that it's only rhetoric).

So now here's Kristof, writing about what needs to be written, about how our friend Musharraf really, really needs to be smacked around a bit in reality, not just in words accompanied by winks and nudges. Because it's this kind of shit that exacerbates why in so many places, the United States is considered to be totally full of shit when we preach on and on about democracy and freedom and human rights. And can you blame them?