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Monday, June 06, 2005

Is Stupidity Contagious?

If it is, I might have contracted something by visiting Instapundit and clicking on links. For a case in point, see this wingnut shitfest on Amnesty.

Come on, is it that hard to look at the fucking transcript that someone Glenn links to, well, links to (while simultaneously screwing that up, too)? It's obvious that Reuters fucked it up, because Schulz never said "We don't know they're running a gulag" except "Nobody's really been given the sort of access we would need to know for sure exactly what's happening." Schulz said he didn't know the extent of what went on in Gitmo, and he said he didn't know just how far up the authorization of some of these things went. He at no point suggested Amnesty was making baseless accusations with regard to the existence of human rights violations at Gitmo. I don't understand how you can be so dumb as to link to a transcript and then proceed to write something, with the transcript cited as evidence, when it has no evidence whatsoever for your thesis, based as it is on completely out of context and clipped quotes.

And of course, I blame Irene Khan for this. By using that phrase, as I said before, she made it too damned easy for them to just dismiss the entire report, as this particular clown does: "If Amnesty International has no idea about the allegations they made and want to find out and have no idea for sure what is going on inside of Guantanamo; how do they make a report not based on any facts?"

Now, based on the fact that they haven't read a transcript (other than doing a search for the word "know"), I'm not going to expect that they've actually read the Amnesty report, of which Gitmo is only a small part.

No wonder people somehow think Bush cares about furthering human rights, the secretary-general of Amnesty hasn't figured out how this rhetoric thing works yet. It may have increased donations, but the whole point of Amnesty is to not appear to have any particular political bias so that it can have as much credibility as possible, and she's just let the fuckwits who want to discredit the group due to its anti-death penalty and non-fawning-over-America stance get their foot in the door.