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Monday, June 06, 2005

I Love The Smell Of Freedom In The Morning...

...cause it fucking smells like theocracy. Especially a theocracy run by a terrorist organization that hates us. Oh, but I forgot: the invasion of Iraq caused people in Lebanon to love us. Good fucking christ, were these demonstrations run by the same people who gave us the Toppling Statue Saddam Extravaganza?

Now, don't get me wrong: I fully believe that in as much as elections are free, people elect whom they elect and we shouldn't get into the Cold War habit of fixing them like, oh I don't know, intelligence about weapons of mass destruction. But can the 101st Fighting Keyboarders (trademark of TBogg) please stop saying the creation of anti-American theocracies was worth fighting for, worth the dead and the money, in Iraq? Why do the fuckers hate America? To the gulag (note: not Gitmo) with them!

Speaking of Gitmo, Joe Biden seems to have gotten a clue. Good for him. Well, ok, he thinks he has a clue. But really, whenever you're echoing Thomas Friedman, you should take a good, hard look in the mirror and decide after careful consideration if you're saying something worth saying. But what Biden and Friedman don't get is that shutting down Gitmo won't help a whit. If we shut down Gitmo, terrorist recruiters can just say "Abu Ghraib" or "Bagram." They can point to the jails of Tashkent, Cairo, and Tel Aviv, where we ship off detainees to be royally fucked because goddamnit, the letter of the law won't let us do it, so let's rape its spirit. Shit, if I were a detainee, I'd much rather be housed at Gitmo then be shipped off to one of those places. It'd be a picnic. Let's face it: just shutting down Gitmo means we will never know exactly what goes on there and nobody will ever be held responsible for it. It's not enough.

See, the existence of Gitmo isn't the issue. It's what Gitmo has become. It's that we allowed these fuckers to help destroy what we tend to feel is the moral fabric of our society (well, other than hating those damned sodomites, of course). It's Gitmo, it's extraordinary rendition, it's everything. It's that we torture people. It's that we have a complete lack of transparency. It's that we clearly don't give a shit about human rights except when it's convenient rhetoric. Without Gitmo, there'd be something else, because this fruit is rotten to the core.

And it's that any one who actually believes any of this rhetoric about spreading freedom and human rights clearly has no understanding of what any of those are supposed to mean. There aren't even good intentions here. We're just all getting fucked, and most of us are so loose we can't even tell anymore.

Edit: The Editors have a more fleshed out take on Hezbollah's election, including the similarities between them and our own homegrown theocrats. And Juan Cole as always gives an excellent wonkish take.