Uncivil Discourse

Because civility is overrated.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I'm sick today; my stomach is clenching like Bill O'Reilly's anus around a falafel or Norm Coleman's mouth around the administration's metaphorical cock. I'll just quickly note that while I think Dick Durbin (who, by the way, is one fun motherfucker, if you ever get the chance to hang out with him) poorly chose his comments, they were in no way inappropriate. In fact, they were extremely appropriate, as everyone knew, but of course, the entire cocksucker contingent decided to manufacture outrage. After all, "how dare one of those America-hating liberals compare anything to a mad regime? That's our schtick. So, how about the estate tax being like the Holocaust..." Now go read Billmon. And in Downing Street-related stuff, here's Tom Toles.

Back tomorrow.