Uncivil Discourse

Because civility is overrated.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Final Thoughts On Howard Dean

Suppose you're in a street brawl. Let's say you fight using the Queensbury rules -- use a glove, don't hit your opponent when he's down, etc. A nice, fair fight.

What do you think your opponent's going to do? He's going to kick you in the balls, poke you in the eye, and beat the shit out of you while you're on the ground after he trips you. Maybe he'll break a leg or two before stomping on your hands. And it shouldn't be a surprise, because he's fighting to win, while you're pretending you're engaged in some civilized sport.

So as Biden, Obama, Richardson, Ford, and so on go on and on about how Howard Dean's lack of civility and general provacativeness is hurting electoral chances, maybe they want to look at the rules their opponents are playing by. Look at what they did to Max Cleland, look at how they questioned John Kerry's patriotism. Look at how they spread lies after lies about Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Look at how they're willing to call us racists because we oppose nominees who happen to be members of minorities. Look at how any criticism of the Iraq War meant you loved Saddam Hussein, wanted to really bond with the bastard. Look at how the AARP's objections to Social Security privitization caused an ad campaign targeting them, saying they wanted gay marriage.

And then look at how they respond when MoveOn.org, using George Soros' money, does, well, anything, while they'll milk Richard Mellon Scaife for all he can give. Or how they whine when Howard Dean opens his mouth, while excusing Dick Cheney for telling Pat Leahy to go fuck himself on the Senate floor. Oh, they can dish it out, but they can't take it. So let's shove it down their throats. They don't play by any civil rules, so why the fuck should we? That's what gets your ribs broken and your jaw swollen shut. We shouldn't try to move away from our anger. We should be angry. These bitches have destroyed what goodwill we had overseas while systematically looting this country and violating our basic principles. Fuck them, hard, and if anyone says otherwise, they can go fuck themselves. We'll kick them in the nuts if we have to.

Of course, that anger has to be channeled. Otherwise you're just spasming, throwing punches in the dark. But you have to fuck them up. Why else are you fighting?

So stop beating up on Howard Dean. Send him to where he needs to go. Make sure he's on target, but let him be angry. And you might want to round up some righteous anger yourselves, Democrats. There are no rules. This is politics, not cricket. They don't care if we call them on not playing by our self-imposed standards of decency. So what the hell are we doing? Finally, we have someone willing to brawl. Why on earth would you want to hold him back?