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Friday, June 24, 2005

Damn Those Activist Conservatives

Oh lordy, is this good. So the Supreme Court issued an opinion yesterday in Kelo v. New London ruling that local governments can seize private property and give it to private developers as long as there is some public use consideration. I'm not a damned constitutional lawyer, so I won't talk about the case itself, but if you want, this is good.

But what's so good is that all of a sudden, conservatives are concerned with the upwards wealth redistribution they feel this ruling leads to. This, of course, didn't bother them with any of the fucking Bush handouts to the rich. No, all of a sudden, after a decision written by John Stevens and involving use of eminent domain, they're whinin' scared, and it's not even a relevant whining (anyone who actually read the decision knows higher tax revenue isn't the only issue at play, but of course, when have conservatives needed to read shit before spouting off on it?).

And you know what's even better? These folks, the same ones who go on and on about the plague of activist judges "legislating from the bench," destroying the moral fabric of our society, and making baby Jesus cry? Shit, they're attacking an argument completely based in precedent and attacking it on non-legal grounds, such as "What about our right to private property (not found in the Bill of Rights they love to read so damned literally, of course)?" or "This isn't fair, I don't like eminent domain!" But hey, it's not like they're arguing that we shouldn't kill minors or let gays marry, so it's cool, and when they want the Supreme Court to not rule in this case based on the law, it's alright.

This goes beyond fucking hypocrisy, given the row they make on a regular basis about this. It's not even a case of gotcha. Because nobody's calling them on their horseshit; hell, the media whores, from what I saw last night on ABC and NBC, are nodding right along, agreeing with what a travesty this whole thing is. This is a goddamned disease.

Update: Roger Ailes illustrates the point.

Again: I should clarify something: my issue isn't with someone discussing O'Connor's or Thomas' dissents, giving a legal objection to the majority opinion, because that's fair. But dear lord, it's all around, people complaining about the decision based on shit that's not related to the law as it stands at all.