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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Yet More Shit I Can't Make Up

Little Green Footballs. You know them. They're the guys that make Freepers look like sane, rational political commentators.

Via Catch, it seems one of these nauseous pigskins has decided to fabricate a complete lie about Al Gore. Let's quote!

In a speech to the wacko-leftist group MoveOn.org, Al Gore showed that the Democratic party has moved on from those primitive “Bush=Hitler” talking points, and now believes the best way to appeal to the base is by portraying “right-wing religious zealots” as a monolithic threat, far more dangerous than Islamic radicalism (what’s that? huh?)

As Kevin pointed out in the Catch post, Gore in fact never said any of that shit.

Oh, and by the way, any of you motherfuckers that haven't read Gore's speech, go do so right now (it's in the Catch post). It's fucking righteous, man. Al Gore has become the sanitizier of our political discourse, blazing through the shit and speaking to our better angels while saying truth to power. And of course, now he must be destroyed, because we can't have that shit sullying up the perfectly good America-fucking that's going on.

But, back to the subject, here's what I think Gore could've said that would've pleased this particular toadfucker:

"We don't like the religious right, but they're a much better alternative than if we suddenly gave into al-Qaida! That's why we needed to invade Iraq, you traitorous motherfuckers."

Think that would've worked?

Yeah, you're probably right. They would've shit themselves chortling about "inventing the Internet" before going back to masturbating to thoughts of being able to use the remnants of Saddam's rape rooms on some unsuspecting Iraqi women (or men).

At the risk of sounding like Michael Moore, there is no right-wing religious threat.

It's true! For example, the Wahhabis are decidedly not a threat, since we know they're religious and, well, right-wing.

Are these people allowed to leave their homes (well, ok, those of their fucking mothers who should've known better than to get drunk and stoned while pregnant)? Please tell me they're not. For the love of god, tell me they're not.

That's not the best quote of all, though. Digby highlights this one, and I have to agree:

"This aggressive new strain of right-wing religious zealotry is actually a throwback to the intolerance that led to the creation of America in the first place," Gore said as many in the audience stood and applauded.

Another thing that gets me about this statement is the hypocracy of it. I get told by Leftists all the time that this nation was founded by enlightened folks who wanted to create a secular nation. Does anybody else see the logic error in stating that religious zealots wanted to create a secular nation?

This is the point where I have nothing more to say. If anyone is evidence of the failure of our education system, it's this bitch right here, who probably needs to be sodomized with a broken light bulb. Maybe one that's been dipped in something caustic.

If they absolutely have to be able to fucking leave their parents' houses, can we at least stop them from using heavy machinery or sharp instruments? Trust me, it's for the good of the damned country.

Look, normally I'd probably say that these shitheads weren't even worth noticing. But LGF got a lot of play from the media whores for "exposing" the "Dan Rather forgeries" (despite every point them making being false, and much as a shit-throwing monkey at a zoo may hit once in a while, they hit on the general notion that the documents weren't verified), and they're partially being held by as examples of how great blogs can be (as well as the folks over at HomoEroticLine (though it's less so now that they dropped their nicknames, which is too bad). Let's not also forget that it's because of shit like this that the crap about "inventing the Internet" got started before being given legitimacy. Finally, it's these cuntrags that puffed up dicks like Bill First and Rick Santorum truly represent. And it's important to make sure people know that, even if you have to pound it into their thick, Bush-re-electing skulls.