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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Why David Broder Can Go Fuck Himself

John McCain's a pretty lonely guy. McCain is hard to the right on many issues, but most Republicans can't stand him, much like most Democrats can't fucking stand Lieberman. McCain's with the Democrats on some issues, but again, he's a fucking wishy-washy neoconservative who's rather hard-right on a lot of issues. Outside of Arizona and people who vaunt themselves as being above the goddamned party system (and not even most of them, given he's an endlessly self-aggrandizing media whore, and if you somehow hadn't noticed this, just go look at the profile of him in the latest New Yorker), nobody really likes the bastard.

Now don't get me wrong: I much prefer John McCain to 95% of the Republican caucus. And most Democrats would probably tell you the same thing. Most Republicans would say that, well, he's better than a Democrat that would replace him. We don't like John McCain, but we don't mind him quite so much, cause we could use a lot more by trying to replace him. I'm not trying here to insult McCain, but he's like the safety chick you pick up at a club to fuck because you're too scared of being laughed at to approach the really hot girl sitting by the bar. It doesn't mean he's ugly like Manhands Ann Coulter, he's just what you settle for.

Plus, the guy has balls. But that's just the thing. McCain's what gets commonly called a "maverick," and that's why everyone in the media goes on and on about how adored he is by Americans, and especially the self-proclaimed independents.

But this has to do with his reputation for "telling it like it is" (despite the cocksucking he did over Iraq, among other things), not because he's a moderate. Remember in 2000, with the fucking "Straight Talk Express" that the media kept fawning over? Don't tell David Broder that, though. Broder, never a man show shy away from his (or anyone else's) ass, has decided it's because of McCain's ability to compromise that he's so dearly loved by everyone. But there's a good reason McCain would never get to a presidential election, contrary to what Broder seems to think. He couldn't win a primary. Nobody gives a shit. He'd have to run as Ross Perot-lite. But to Broder, and most of the rest of the Washington press, it's all good, because McCain likes them just as much as they like him.

Broder's not done speaking out of his anus, though. No, then he writes

"The success of the "Gang of 14" was a rare and welcome triumph over the antagonisms that have been so deeply rooted in the political generation that came of age in the 1960s and 1970s, when the nation was torn by conflicts over civil rights, women's rights, abortion and, most of all, Vietnam."
Rare, maybe. Welcome? Fuck no. What would've been welcome is for the Republicans who were pushing the "fuck history" option (credit to The Rude Pundit for labeling it as such) to have had their asses forcibly removed from their heads.

Look, compromise isn't something to be celebrated. It's not a fucking thing. It's a means for actually being able to get something done when neither side can sway the other. And that's why it's acceptable when people can craft a compromise that doesn't completely sell out your position, because shit's gotta get done. But it's not something to be welcomed whenever it comes up. Sure, sometimes it is, because spoogebagging runs rampant all over, on both sides of the divide. In this case, though, as in a good number of others, there weren't two sides to the issue, with both sides being equally valid from different perspectives. The Republicans were fucking wrong.

Sure, we can go on about how the right-wing would say the same thing about us, but they can't back that shit up, as has been demonstrated time and time again. Just because someone would argue something doesn't mean you give it equal validity. Not that the press follows that. I'm not sure who's more relativistic, the motherfuckers in the Bush administration or the motherfuckers in the media. Fuck 'em all.