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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What The Fuck Is Wrong With Kansas?

I've written about the religious right a couple of times before, but man, these guys are the fucking gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving. And they'll continue to give until this country decides it doesn't like wannabe theocrats.

Recently, the Kansas Board of Education decided it would be a good idea to have a "trial" for evolution. For those of you who aren't bombarded with this shit on a regular basis (for example, those of you not residing in the United States), there has been a long standing movement ever since evolution was first taught in science classes (note: this didn't happen on a widespread basis until the launch of Sputnik, which should tell you a lot by itself) to try to a) stop evolution from being taught, and b) teach Christian creationism.

And now Kansas, one of the more ass-backwards states in the country, has decided it should have a courtroom-style "debate" on the merits of evolution versus intelligent design, the latest incarnation of this fundamentalist garbage. Now, I'm not going to call creationists stupid (though I think "special creation" is, as long as you don't take it to be science we're cool). But what I am going to say is that it should be fucking obvious that there is no goddamned way to hold that creationism of any sort, including "intelligent design", is science, and thus is entire charade is a complete waste of time and money meant to further creationist arguments (which originated right in their puckered little anuses).

Frankly, I don't think this need any more justification. If it's non-naturalistic, it's not fucking science. And no, Phillip Johnson, you goddamned twat, this is not a naturalistic bias, it's an operative assumption. We can't explain shit if we take the existence of God to be a given in science, because then everything is "Because god made it so." That's not science, it's bullshit, so get your ignoramus nose back into law and out of science.

Take for example this quote, by the dickhead "representing" creationism:

"We're not against evolution," said Calvert. "But there is a lot of evidence that suggests that life is the product of intelligence. I think it is inappropriate for the state to prejudge the question whether we are the product of design or just an occurrence."

The state's doing no such thing, and this really shouldn't be that difficult for anyone with the intelligence of a fucking slug. You're talking about what's being taught in science classrooms. The key word there being "science." If you're supposing there's some supernatural intelligence that created life, not only are you horribly begging the question (come on, why is it not natural to ask "If complex life requires an intelligent designer, why doesn't an intelligent designer require an even more sophisticated designer?") but you're also violating a simple tenet of science: naturalism. Anything that's not naturalistic is not science, and hence does not belong in a science classroom.

Again: Why the fuck is this so difficult?

And this could be constructive, because intelligent design is a great case study for examining what is and is not science. ID is very carefully designed to give every impression of science except at its most fundamental level, and it would be educational to ferret it out. Oh, but the jackasses on the horribly non-appropriately named "Kansas State Board of Education" aren't actually interested in something like, say, education. That would make just a little too much sense, so they're using this to help fuck the notion of science right in its ass with a cross. A wooden one that leaves splinters all in science's butt, man.

All this would just be laughable if it weren't spreading. All over, douches are trying to further this. And this shit needs to be stopped.

In any case, for constant updates on the idiocy of intelligent design and most of its prominent adherents, see The Panda's Thumb. Also, Digby has the latest shit on James "How Not To Go Bald With Dignity" Dobson, and The Rude One reports on Pat "Minorities Shouldn't Get Special Benefits Unless They're White" Robertson.