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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Time To Lynch Us Some Liberal Medias

As predicted (and really, it's like predicting that the sun's gonna come up in the damned morning), fools be blaming the Newsweek incident on the "liberal media," spectre though it may be. First, in the linked column, Dennis makes the claim that

If an American interrogator of Japanese prisoners desecrated the most sacred Japanese symbols during World War II, it is inconceivable that any American media would have published this information. While American news media were just as interested in scoops in 1944 as they are now, they also had a belief that when America was at war, publishing information injurious to America and especially to its troops was unthinkable.
This is accompanied by another Townhall column claiming "Plenty of Americans no longer regard the media as automatically, reflexively, on America's side in foreign contests."

What I don't understand is why this kind of rally-round-the-flag wankoff is a good thing. Plus, as Arthur Silber so aptly notes, it's not like this was the first mention of Qur'an desecration at Gitmo. Or second, or, hell, the third. And we know nasty shit goes on down there, particularly since as Sy Hersh noted oh so long ago, it's a "factory for eliciting intelligence." Is it the position of the conservatives in question here that they're shocked, just shocked, that someone would allege mistreatement of prisoners? Or that even after Abu Ghraib, that someone might try playing on the neoconservative caraicature of "the Arab mind," as a means of getting intelligence out?

And shit, getting back to the real world and not the made up circlejerkland of Wingnuttia, isn't it just a little funny that these riots are only happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and not in, say, Iraq or Syria? Doesn't it seem like it might be that those societies were just primed to believe any anti-American story coming down the pike? You gonna blame that on Newsweek, too? If not, let's start trying getting some answers, because it might actually be a little important, don't you think?

Course, these are the same bitches that were upset because the "liberal media" was ignoring the "We found WMDs!" stories that kept circulating amongst themselves a year or two ago, which, y'know, was completely baseless, and as far as I know, they're not accusing themselves of lying. I definitely don't see them retracting any of their crap. Go figure. I keep having this fantasy of them actually being engaged in the real world, despite knowing better. It's so tragic that poetic justice isn't justice, because between this particular piece of assery, Neil Horsley, Jerry West, and so on, the right would be reaping just what it sowed.

Edit: The Poor Man has its take. And Digby notes the following quote from Lawrence DiRita: "The nature of where these things occurred, how quickly they occurred, the nature of individuals who were involved in it, suggest that they may be organized events that are using this alleged allegation as a pretext for activity that was already planned."

Now we're getting somewhere.