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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sunday Quick Hits

1) Back in 2002, the Boring Mormon Orrin Hatch, who still no one is blowing, said of Priscilla Owen, "Today my colleagues are set to reject a nominee that is unblemished in every respect." Since then, words like "well-qualified" and "not a judicial activist" have been used to describe Owen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (B-TX), on the floor, said

She is not a judicial activist. In fact, it is her strict adherence to the letter of the law and Supreme Court rulings that has been one of the problems with this nomination because she didn't make law. She didn't try to put words in the mouth of a legislator. She just followed what the legislature said in the parental consent laws in the State of Texas, the law of the State. She followed the letter of the law and the Supreme Court rulings and tried not to be a judicial activist. For that she is being accused of being a judicial activist.
We can even ignore the criticism of Owen by the Secretary of Detainee Ass-Rapings himself, which used those exact damned terms. And now we have this: members of the Houston Bar Association, in one of the most conservative cities in the country, have decided she, well, sucks some skanky ass. Recently, Fox News said "Republicans say Owen is one of the most qualified nominees before the Senate."

I don't think that's been contradicted here. No, it makes it make all the more sense (which is unusual for something said by a Republican these days). I can't tell you how shocked I am (really, I'm absolutely shocked) that Bush is putting up these kinds of nominees. After all, raping the federal judiciary is agenda item one, isn't it?

2) Billmon skullfucks Godwin in a most satisfying manner.

3) Taegan Goddard points us to the latest Democracy Corps poll roundup, which shows that maybe, just maybe, people are figuring out that Bush is a fucktard who has no business running anything larger than taco stand. Majorities are saying he's screwing up on every issue but the war on terrorism, where his approval rating is down to a lean 53%.

So, let's get this straight again. Bush's numbers suck right before the election. In an election with unverifiable results, bitch wins re-election. Then his numbers slide back down in the shitter. Meanwhile, with his self-proclaimed Man Date, he leads the call for changes which make absolutely no fucking sense at all if there's even a slightly plausible possibility that you won't ever be out of power. And we're supposed to not think there's something crooked here? Come to think of it, my ass feels rather sore. It feels like we've all been fucked there. Hard.

4) Rick "Gays Can't Tell The Difference Between Dogs And Men" Santorum: "I've never read the Bible cover to cover; maybe I should have." Also, he's "not a reader of scripture" and instead prefers magazines "offering commentary on religion."

Shocked, I tell you, just shocked.

5) James Watts shits out something, which the Post, living up to their full role as a leader of the goddamned media, thought it would be good to run. Oh, and the sexually repressed Assrocket over at HomoEroticLineBlog has given his sycophantic approval. Let's just say that I agree with the Closeted One over at the Blog of the Year when he says Watts was enjoying a "well-deserved retirement."

It's a good thing for James Watts that he didn't get a blowjob before he lied to a jury. Otherwise he'd be in the toilet with the right for having subverted the Constitution and freedom. But he only lied about selling influence, so it's all good. But now that he's not going up in front of any juries, maybe the brother could use one of the hummers Orrin Hatch isn't getting. It might stop the future flow of some of this drivel.

Edit: Looks like TBogg weighed in on that last one yesterday.

Edit again: Attytood shows just how far the NYT Magazine has its proverbial nose up Santorum's not-so-proverbial anus.