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Monday, May 16, 2005

Quoth the Imbeciles, "The Media Is Liberal"

Is it just me, or does the media keep fucking itself up the ass as hard as it can at every turn? Of course, you've also got Nick Kristof declaring the grass is green.

And I bet soon we will see a renewed flood of "THE MEDIA IS SO FUCKING LIBERAL AND OUT TO GET CHRISTIANS" cries from the ignorant masses at such places as Townhall and Fox News (despite, y'know, being a part of the damned media, a fact which should shame all of us). See, these masses are composed of some of those who would rather bite off their own balls while fingering their assholes than actually do research or take the time to form a coherent thought before spouting their drivel.

We've already got scumsucking pieces of bong resin over at Little Green Footballs and Drugdge claiming Newsweek caused the riots. Arthur Silber deconstructs this particular piece of idiocy nicely. But hey, I don't expect people who think that somehow the media reports went back in time to change public opinion on Vietnam before they were ever printed/aired to grasp the subtle intricacies of causation.

More on this later.