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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

More Newsweek Asshattery

The National Review has a story, of course, on Newsweek (and I swear to god this is the last thing I'll say on this crap). Well, ok, it's less a "story" than a "piece of inane drivel drooled by the mouth of someone with less brain function than Terri Schiavo."

Again, and this cannot be reiterated enough, there was absolutely nothing new about this. Hear that? Nothing. These claims are not verified, but they're not new. They did not start with Newsweek as these insipid morons claim. They'd be too busy staring at their undersized cocks to see themselves getting fucked up the ass without a goddamned condom. No sense of the big picture whatsoever.

See, demonstrations happen. Denunciations happen. Those've been happening since day one by many of the people Marshall cites. This is nothing new. What is new is the rioting in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which Marshall conflates with the demonstrations. And again, note that this shit only blew up in these places. That's it. Nothing else. No Sadrists are out there burning shit down. Nobody's getting violent in Riyadh. Doesn't it seem like, just maybe, this isn't the result of spontaneous anti-Americanism blowing up after Newsweek published some shit?

And of course Newsweek only played into their hands by retracting it. This is Dan Rather all over again. After that shit, no one could ask a question, as legitimate as it might've been, about Bush's National Guard service. CBS, at least trying to do something honorable even as they did it ineptly, rushed something out and got called on it. But then it tainted everything else. The right-wing media hung up the dessicated corpse of Dan Rather's career in front of everyone as a warning of what would happen if you talked about Bush and the Texas Air National Guard. And now the same thing is going to happen with allegations of mistreatment of prisoners. We won't be able to hear a thing about it without some scoffing allusion to the Newsweek story. See, censorship is the issue, but it's part of the issue. When they can't keep it censored, this is how they work, to discredit anyone who asks these questions ever again.

Newsweek shouldn't have retracted a fucking thing. The story wasn't discredited until they pulled it, they just caved to the voices of the echo machine. Hell, I'd be more surprised if there hadn't ever been mistreatment of the Qur'an given some of the shit that's been documented. And after all, there have been a lot of reports. And they'd all have to be wrong. Which is possible, but given everything else, less likely than the alternative.

It's revealing what the reaction to this was. Instead of giving our word, for what little it's worth in the Muslim world, that we would do everything we could to ensure that if this happened, it would never happen again, there was a massive pileon on Newsweek, with a lot of criticism for having the nerve to publish something that'd been alleged several times. That'd be like David Hager screwing his wife's cornhole while he slept, his wife, sobbing, telling her sister about it, who told her friend, who confronted Hager publicly for having "raped" his wife, and Hager responding, "Yeah, I fucked her while she was unconscious, but shit, you should've known how explosive this was gonna be, so this is your fault for doing it in public without hearing it from her."

No, they shouldn't have retracted anything. Fuck.