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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

It's a Long, Long Road

Not much to blog on, been driving for the last couple of days, visiting my alma mater. While driving through the vast, endless cornfields of the real fucking America, I saw lots of signs about how Guns Save Lives.

Other than that these idiots need to join the pro-death penalty-as-deterrant types and the malpractice reform fools in a class where they learn about causality and not horribly mangling statistics, I'll only say that I think we can fairly dismiss you as a paranoid, crazy nudnik when your argument for why you should be able to take guns anywhere is to "even the score." Not the odds, the goddamned score.

And I'm rather torn by the filibuster "compromise." Three more pieces of shit to mangle the Constitution, but in the end, if we didn't have the votes, we didn't have the votes. The goal wasn't to get these motherfuckers on the bench, either, the goal was to get rid of the filibuster, allowing the Republicans more of an ability to ream the country. I guarantee you that these self-motherfuckers try to nominate the Virgin Ben Shapiro next, just to break the deal. This whole thing exposed just how in the thrall of the ugliest of the uglies of the religious right the Senate leadership is, and just how blatant their thirst for power is, principles be damned. This is nothing anyone who's been paying attention didn't know, but hey, clearly we're not the majority.

So all in all, well played, Harry Reid. Sometimes you have to suck 'em off and swallow the cum to get a nice fuck. We'll have to go through this again sometime, but for the time being, we'll take these three judges and shove them up Karl Rove's ass in 2006.

Edit: As he tends to do, Doghouse Riley nails it. I've got the tar, feathers, and spiked dildo. Can anyone give me a lift to Focus on the Family HQ?