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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Case Study In How Not To Think

This next trip into the world of stupid creationist pseudo-science and pseudo-philosophy is not so much specific to Intelligent Design, but it's a beautiful demonstration of the sort of fucking idiocy that is at the root of the creationist world, including the ID twits.

Our tour guide is this faux-intellectual bitch, whose wankery needs to be laughed at vigorously. The motherfucking author needs to be castrated to prevent this level of pretentious stupidity from being passed on (though, given he wrote a book called Homosexuality: A Disease And For Gays A Cult this punishment for crimes against thought might not be bad enough). Some highlights:

Godel’s Theorems are totally unpredictable and unprovable! Godel’s first theorem is that in a system of complexity, questions exist that are neither provable nor disprovable on the basis of the axioms in the system; that is true statements are undecidable even if known to be true because they cannot be decided as true on the basis of the system as known. Godel’s second theorem is that the system is always incomplete because new undecidable elements will always be present such that contradictions occur when the system claims it has decided all; that is, the system will generate more undecidability.

My day job is in an area that gives me passing familiarity with Godel's Incompleteness Theorems, a non-stupid discussion of which can be found here. The important thing is that these theorems deal ONLY WITH MATHEMATICS. Nothing more. At all. Yet fucking morons who want to seem pretentious and intelligent continue to masturbate using them. This particular cuntwad declares "Basically, Godel’s theorems prove the Doctrine of Original Sin, the need for the sacrament of penance, and that there is a future eternity. Godel’s Theorems mean, that in the human complex, things will go wrong and there will always be a “defect” of sorts about which forgiveness and corrective action will be needed."

Do I need to say another fucking word? Of course, his knowledge of math is completely and thoroughly demonstrated by the claim that "Godel's Theorems are unprovable."

Also from the same brainless wonder, we have this gem, which is not only my favorite, but rivals the Little Green Footballs comment earlier for sheer stupidity:
Scientists discredit themselves by abortion which discredits all who are not against abortion as a “medical procedure.”Actually, anyone for abortion or who does not protest abortion has forfeited the right for moral argumentation about anything and have proven themselves gullible and susceptible to anti-life activity, discrediting them completely. First of all, one must realize that abortionists will kill you. (Anyone who does, is for, who does not protest abortion, IS an abortionist!) Abortionists may not kill you now, but they would have then. Because abortionists would have killed you, they cannot be believed about anything, right or wrong.

This guy's a real winner, let me tell you. Let's play a game, which I feel this passage just screams for, much like Ann Coulter screams while thinking of getting fucked by the zombie corpse of Joe McCarthy. Whoever can come up with the best parody line of "Because abortionists would have killed you..." will win points, which can be redeemed for, say, valuable rare coins.

This quote definitely makes me understand a little better how people can state matter of factly that pretty much every specialist in climate change is engaged in a big conspiracy to deceive us. They're fucking morons.