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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Busy Day

1) Why the hell does Google have a story from Hack Central Station as a "news" headline? I'm really, really confused, because that shit's not news.

2) Conservatives, including the motherfuckers in the Bush Administration, like to say that government has no capacity to properly spend money, which is why everything and their mothers need to be privatized. And I'll be damned if they aren't doing their best to do what they think government is supposed to do with money - waste it.

In March and early April, Pentagon audits showed more than $200 million in questionable costs in a massive, no-bid Halliburton Co. contract for delivering fuel to Iraq. Later in April, an inspector general's report concluded that a British security firm lacked proof that its armed employees had received proper weapons training and that the Army had not provided enough oversight of the company's work. And last week, a Government Accountability Office report said U.S. officials had all but abandoned their responsibility for overseeing a contract under which employees of CACI International Inc. had conducted interrogations at Abu Ghraib prison.

Brookings Institution fellow Peter W. Singer said the disorderly atmosphere was all the more reason authorities should have been taking extra precautions against fraud. "You want to be even more careful in those chaotic environments because people take advantage," he said.

Not that these goat-suckers know anything about taking advantage of chaotic situations or loose fiscal situations.

Who wants to bet that in a few years they turn around and point to this as further reason to privatize something or the other due to the inherent incompetance of the government, instead of their own stupid asses?

3) We continue to turn yet another corner in Iraq. Then factor in how much we've been turning on, say, the economy, and we're so dizzy we can barely stand up. It's no wonder, then, that Bush can read a comment like "the insurgency is as strong as it was a year ago" as "I think he went on to say we're winning, if I recall."

Of course, then he went on to state:
But nevertheless, there are still some in Iraq who aren't happy with democracy. They want to go back to the old days of tyranny and darkness and torture chambers and mass graves.

And in that sentence, our complete inability to come to grasps with what's happening in Iraq, and why we will likely not be able to really make progress until someone competant is in charge, is summed up. He doesn't fucking get it. None of them do. Former Baathists are a small piece of this group.

Think about it like James Dobson's combover. There's a small amount of hair there, to be sure. But a complete inability to come to terms with reality has caused him to try to spread it out across his bald skull so that he can pretend it's all still there. Similarly, a complete inability to come to terms with reality has caused Bush to spread the intentions of former Baathists out over Sunnis who fear disenfranchisement and Iraqis who just plain don't like us (and dear me, I can't imagine any rational reason why that might be so...they must just hate freedom and want to go back to being tortured and raped).

The problems that Iraq has to face are tough enough without waste and incompetance getting in the way. But hey, it's what these guys, and their chums like Ahmed Chalabi, do best. And you gotta do what you can.

Edit: The Rude Pundit has a nice list of quotes about corner turning in Iraq.