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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Bush Lied, Suckers Died

Ok, can we just admit that we were fucking lied to already (link from Stupid Evil Bastard Politics)? I know it's hard to believe, but George W. Bush is not the most honest motherfucker out there. What will we tell the children?

That's right. A lie. Not "exaggerated." Not "deceived by the overwhelming body of evidence."

You'd think, especially from conservatives, and particularly those of the more wingbatish orientation, it wouldn't be this difficult to understand what a damned lie is. After all, they're the ones who constantly tell us about how Clinton's lying about his hummer undermined the very fabric of the Constitution. Hell, when it comes to Bill, they can't stop finding things he lied about. If Clinton had said "I have never gangbanged a farm animal while snorting cocaine during a full moon," you'd see a rush even from the more "mainstream" (i.e., less obscenely deranged) conservative pundits. Shit, William Safire, Robert Novak, and their entire ilk would be creaming themselves thinking of new ways that Clinton's latest bout of lying had put something or the other at risk. And then when it turns out it wasn't a lie, that Clinton really has never put little Willy near a cow's cooch, all we'd get are veiled references afterwards to it without anything somewhat resembling an apology.

And yet, here Bush was lying to us all along, but they can't even fathom the possibility that their golden boy could tell a lie. Sure, we here on the Internets realized this early on, when Bush was claiming some kind of close link to al-Qaeda which made no sense in any universe, and when despite Rummy's smug certainty (it was one of those things that was a known known, or actually a known unknown), we didn't find any WMDs in Iraq. Sure, it was easy to say that Bush was misled by bad intelligence estimates or that he was led astray by those around him, by those cocksucking bastards at the CIA or the cherry-picking, Viagra-popping, Colin Powell screwing neocon asshats at Defense.

But can we finally use the word "lie" now? Do we get the stamp of approval from the mainstream media? I mean, come on, this thing happened, as the story puts it, "while the Bush administration was still declaring to the American public that no decision had been made to go to war." So he lied about not being sure about war, he lied about us knowing Saddam had weapons, he lied about having removed "a close ally of al-Qaeda's," and so on. Lie, lie, goddamned lies, leading to, so far, 1,772 coalition deaths and at least 20,000 civilian casualties.

Obviously this shit's happened. Nothing now can change the fact that Bush lied and we invaded Iraq. But this is more than just bellyaching. See, it seems indicative of, well, something that people get more outraged over a blowjob than lying to start a war. Clinton got impeached. The best we get is a letter being circulated among Democrats and head-shaking about "conspiracy theorists on the internets." It's important that we come to terms with exactly what a lie is, and that some lies are actually really, really important. It's important to hold these motherfuckers accountable, though it's probably too late to do anything meaningful now that we've re-elected the bastard, which I'm sure had absolutely nothing to do with the media's stern disapproval of those of us who figured something was fishy all along here. While, of course, they couldn't get over themselves rushing to interview the Swift Boat Veterans Against The Truth, even after that group had long since been discredited.

And I'm not seeing CNN or the Times use the word "lie". Of course, I didn't even see the Times say a word about this, though maybe they will. Are they worried it's "too polarizing," as Kristof complained? Does it make the discourse a little less civil?

Too fucking bad. You don't get to call yourself a news organization if you can't actually face facts. If it turns out Bush was himself one of those cherry-picking cocksuckers, you have to say that. It's bad enough that they equated Kerry's comments about Cambodia in Christmas with the mass sum of bullshit this administration's projectile vomited. Here, they're acting like the ostrich, just burying their heads in the sand while more people die because Bush lied.

Maybe we really do need to implement Les' idea. I'll round up the interns, someone else strap Bush to a chair. Then, perhaps, this cowboy shit can end.