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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Amoral Bootlicker Update

I fucking love Ted Kennedy, man. He doesn't give any quarter when he wants your ass not confirmed.

And Barack Obama is one hell of a righteous son of a bitch. He's driving something, I'm not sure what it is, but something, way up Bolton's over-mustachioed ass:

When I look at record of Mr. Bolton as top arms control officer at the State Department, I am not impressed. On North Korea, the approach advocated by Mr. Bolton and this administration has simply not worked. On Mr. Bolton's watch, no longer international inspectors or cameras in North Korea. North Korea has withdrawn from the NPT. They have drawn material for six to eight nuclear weapons...

Another area Mr. Bolton responsible for was the Non Proliferation Treaty. President Bush pledged to strengthen this treaty...What's happened since? Virtually nothing. The administration has made very little progress on this issue and the NPT conference currently under way is not going well. According to an article at MSNBC, the United States has lost control of this conference. Where has Mr. Bolton been on this? According to that article, 'Since last fall, Mr. Bolton, has aggressively lobbied for a senior job in the Bush administration. During that time Mr. Bolton did almost no ground work on the upcoming conference. Everyone knew it was coming....But Bolton stopped all diplomacy on this six months ago' In other words, Bolton was more interested in lobbying for the UN job than the conference...

Here's my point. If we thought Bolton was a super diplomat, we could maybe overlook the mountain of evidence of mistreatment of subordinates and misuse of intelligence....But the record indicates that in his current job he hasn't had much success. Why are we so confident that this guy is going to lead reform at the UN? As a consequence of Mr. Bolton's diminished stature, he is the exact opposite of what we need at the UN.

Also, videos of the floor speeches are going up here. And Washington Note has the Dodd-Biden letter which argues that voting for cloture on this motherfucker given the refusal of the Bush Administration to turn over documents related to Bolton's Syria testimony is tantamount to surrendering the Senate's capacity to "advice and consent." In other words, voting to end debate is the same as the Senate getting on all four knees and begging Dick Cheney to fuck them, doggy-style.