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Monday, April 25, 2005

Why James Dobson Needs To Be Sodomized With James Madison's Skeleton

After the required mocking of the cuntwads featured at Justice fucking Sunday (I swear, I keep thinking this is some damned wrestling special on Pay Per View), there is something somewhat serious to say.

After having watched the video of Dobson's wank (which was summarily followed by an ejaculation on William Donohue's head) over at Crooks and Liars, there is something important that needs to be said.

First, this whole filibuster thing is part of the fucking process by which the legislature checks the judiciary. How can this not be any more fucking clear than it already is? We even had a nice little diagram in my American government book back in the day: the executive checks the judiciary by appointing judges, and the legislature checks the judiciary by being able to impeach motherfuckers who get appointed and by confirming or not confirming the president's appointees.

See, this is nice and simple. It's not difficult. Maybe if James spent less time working on his combover and thinking about how Spongebob Squarepants makes him feel "down there," he might remember some of this shit. But of course, it's not about checks and balances at all.

What all these fuckers know (even from Dogbeater's self-admitted fourth-grade knowledge of American government), and know they can't do,, is that there is a way for 70% of the American people or whatever the fuck number it is Dobson pulled out of his recently sodomized ass to impose its will on a country. That is, if James of the Combover is right, and if there is this huge backwards swath of the country that feels so damned passionately on "moral issues," it doesn't matter what the judges try to do to "impose their will" on the populace. Everyone knows this, come on, we've done it twenty-odd times in the history of this damned country.

That's right. Change the Constitution. And it would makes James' shriveled little cock harden in delight if he could do it, if he could make the underlying document of this country ban abortion, homosexuality, and establish a theocracy.

But the bitch can't. And he knows it. It's fucking hard to change the Constitution (just look at the ERA). And he also knows the reason why it's so hard, because he said something in his speech about the Founding Fathers (whom they worship in some grotesquely twisted form) "knowing the flaws of people." And there is no damned better embodiment of all that is flawed with people than schmucks like James Dobson, Chuck Colson, and Bill Frist. But even so, if he truly had the support he claims to have, that'd be the route they take, because it would fucking work. 70% of the populace supports you? You can easily get an amendment through the states, and there would be high hell to pay for Senators who oppose you out of those states where people agree. That's how the people impose their will directly on the nation. I think I learned that in fourth grade civics, too.

So in the end, all that needs to be said is this: Motherfucker, don't hate the judges, hate the Constitution.

Oh, wait...

This is where the line is drawn. This is for all the marbles. If they can't get rid of the filibuster, they lose, because they can't ensure the courts rule with them every last time, since they know damned well enough of the country is digusted by their unsightly vision to stop them from amending America into Calvin's Geneva. That would truly be put up or shut up time. They don't want that clash of civilizations to happen, because if it does, given that one must die, it's theirs. At that point, the entire nation would be forced to ask itself if they want what these assholes want. Right now, we just have to ask ourselves if we can merely tolerate it given that most of what they want is blatantly unconstitutional. And if the answer is no, if we like being America, the entire damned fundamentalist agenda is dead, and I for one intend to urinate on its grave.