Uncivil Discourse

Because civility is overrated.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

What're you looking at?

Yes, I have a blog. No, I'm not happy. Not about the blog. The blog's fine.

When I thought about our political process, I used to be able to say "Hey, at least we can strive for civil discourse. That's a goal worth having, to have a fair and open debate."

Recently I realized that I was being stupid. Civility is overrated. This realization is at the crux of my displeasure.

I am a Democrat. I am a liberal Democrat. I'm a liberal Democrat that grants people the benefit of the doubt, that's willing to listen to anyone's perspective.

I'm also a liberal Democrat that's not willing to be polite to those who demonstrate that not only do they not have anything worth listening to, but they demand you listen to them regardless. Rudeness is sometimes necessary. Getting into the gutter with people who frolick there is sometimes necessary. And I'm more than happy to join them at this point. Sort of.

My goal is to simultaneously raise and lower the discourse. See, the way things stand, actually talking about something to do with reality raises the discourse.

I'll say this. I don't like violence. I don't really even like rudeness. It's rhetoric. I probably don't literally mean half of what I might say. For example, I don't literally wish to violently sodomize Bill O'Reilly with a microphone.

Ann Coulter is definitely a cunt, though.

And finally, just remember this. We have a right to be hostile. Our country's being persecuted.