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Monday, April 25, 2005


...you've paid for the whole fucking, but you'll only get it up the ass!

This is, I believe, the message the Republican leadership and the religious right are sending to all the moderates (read: people way too fucking stupid to see this coming) who put them right back into power. Look, we know you dipshits are out there. The religious right is not that damned big. So are you ready to listen yet?

In any case, some highlights from "God vs. Judges Appointed By Republicans Sunday," featuring James "Dogbeater" Dobson and Bill "The Catbutcher" Frist (which leads to two points, the first being that this sounds like a fucking wrestling promotion, and the second, it's a good thing Rick Santorum isn't around, or no pet would be safe):

1) Dobson: "The future of democracy and ordered liberty actually depends on the outcome of this struggle."

(Of course, here the Closeted One is right. What would it mean if these asshats win? Well, goodbye separation of powers, goodbye separation of church and state, goodbye all that it means to fucking be America. I guess we can still kill us some damned brown people, though, so we'll always have that shit.)

2) Frist: "I don't think it's radical to ask senators to vote. I don't think it's radical to expect senators to fulfill their constitutional responsibilities. I don't think it's radical to restore precedents that worked so well for 214 years."

Also on this note, we have:

3) Frist: "...if what Democrats are doing is wrong today, it won't be right for Republicans to do the same thing tomorrow."

(But it was totally fucking right for them to do it 10 years ago...so damned right, we'll totally forget about those unpleasant events and claim this shit is totally new (note the numbers in that last link).)

Good dear sweet god. I'll post some more on this circlejerk later, but for now, read this, via Digby.