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Sunday, April 17, 2005

The stupid, it BURNS

I've talked about getting Jesus up in the judiciary before. But oh, there's more.

There were efforts by school boards in Kansas, Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio, Texas and Montana to ban evolution (a few months ago, but really, this shit never stops). And of course, those damned stickers in Cobb County, Georgia. I do hope that these pricks, as a part of their "alternative explanations" of "origins," they include the Native American turtle story or the Hindu egg. It'd only be fair, after all. Isn't creationism a fucking theory, not a fact?

The Moonie Times earlier this month put out a poll finding 68% of Americans didn't want gay "marriages." And of course, this poll found that 57% of the public wanted to change the Constitution to take rights away from people. Now hopefully those damned liberal activist judges won't get in the way...

And of course, what we've been hearing since before the election: Democrats and liberals (oh, and the media, but all us motherfuckers know that the damned media is liberal anyway, so it's redundant listing them) are a bunch of out of touch elitists. The most bizarre of this line was that schmuck impersonating a law professor Instapundit who had the audacity to imply Pope John Paul II, a professor of philosophy and a prolific theologian, was not an intellectual.

What cuntrags. All of them. I especially love the anti-intellectualism; see, if we discard rationality and, well, intellect, it makes it easier for us to just cow to fear, to vote our fucking guts out, and to switch positions every time it's fucking convenient. It's all meant to pander to the worst in every last one of us. How often were "intellectuals" or "liberals" or people from Massachusetts made out to be so fucking different from the rest of us? Somehow those of us in blue states just sit around theorizing and hating America, and we do nothing else, not like those in the real America. Where is the outcry about this? What would've happened if one of us had had the balls to go on about how Texas is so fucking different from the rest of the country and that, well, maybe a good number of us don't particularly want an individual whose base is full of NASCAR-watching rednecks with mullets to be our leader?

It would've been fucking chaos, man. Everyone and their mother would be decrying it and how out of touch and elitist we are. But when it's about actors, liberals, academics, and northeasterners, all of a sudden it's right on the ball.

These guys have got it all backwards. See, the problem isn't that we're out of touch with America. We know people don't always agree with us. And while we get accused of pandering on a daily basis, well, we fucking don't. But these shitheads are out of touch with something. It's the concept of America. It's the idea that, just maybe, we can move past our baser instincts and unite to create something better, using difference to create strength. That's the ideal. And if they were happy just to keep to themselves, ok, fine. But that's not happening.

Here's my problem. I'm pissed because your ignorance is affecting me, and I'm not alone. Yes, ignorance. Don't give me any shit about religion. You have your kids not believing in evolution, hating gays, feeling bitter about minorities and immigrants, and full of general self-loathing. This is stupidity, pure and simple, not "religion." Let's call it what it is.

And they're affecting us. They're crossing into the blue states and electing similar idiots as politicians. They're doing their damnedest to ensure our kids can't get a decently good education, because it might teach them about evolution or what a fucking condom is. I understand many of you guys can't catch a break in this modern economy. Your health care sucks, jobs are being lost. Wages keep dropping. Our collective sense of invulnerabilty keeps getting diminished. That's all understandable. What else is left? Religion. But then that gets twisted by these power-hungry buffoons. You're being brow-beaten into stupidity by other stupid fuckers. I've seen it happen. It's not like you're alone. Then you try to spread your stupidity as much as you can in an effort to make yourself feel better. Again, it's understandable.

But when we respond, it's not "intolerance." You're trying to impose your shit on us. It's that simple. I hate to break it to you, but in the plainest possible terms, "Freedom of religion" DOES mean "freedom from religion." I can't practice my religion freely if I have you thrusting yours in my face like a giant evangelical cock. And no, it's not just your religion. It's all religion. Why is this such a difficult concept?

Let's be clear here. Making the judiciary dependant on the Congress is anti-American. Trying to physically intimdate judges is anti-American. Wanting to take rights away from people simply because of their sexual orientation is anti-American. Trying to put Ten Commandments everywhere is anti-American. This all goes against the very concept of our country. And you know what? You guys might have the power to do all of this and make it American. To change the very idea of this country. And if you do, maybe it'll be for the better. Then it'll be front and center just how backwards we've gone, as opposed to simmering under the surface.