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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Southern Trees Bear Strange Fruit

There is actually quite little that angers me like proudly displaying the single fucking greatest symbol of treason in American history and then having the gall to criticize others as "unpatriotic" (invariably, this shit all goes together). Oh, but I see it everywhere I go, from right outside where I live to cars parked all over the place. As best as I can tell, all of these people need to have the diseased liver of Ulysses S. Grant shoved up their ass before being set on fire like Atlanta. But that's just me.

This all ties in to a bit of news (albeit a little old) from the grand old state of Alabama. It seems some skanky cunts are upset that the governor of Alabama is not leaving out slavery as a reason for the Civil War.

See, what all these selective remembering assholes forget is that slavery was first and foremost the cause of the Civil War. States' rights? Hardly ever came up in debates over secession except for a state's right to have residents own people because their skin's brown. Tariffs? Bitch, please. While you're off fantasizing about how it used to be ok to string up a black man, I'm sure you'll note that it was because he had the audacity to agree that an increase in tariffs was good for the whole fucking country. This shit never entered the fucking debate. It was all about being able to whip some brown folks. The only thing that should be required to respond to these idiots at this point is that it was the election of Lincoln that prompted secession. And what was it about Lincoln? It was that that poor, gangly, closeted motherfucker didn't want slavery to spread outside of where it already was. It was as much about tariffs as James Dobson's vigorous homophobia isn't about self-loathing.

But back to the point about how the flag, and its proud display all over the place, bothers the fuck out of me.

"The flag doesn't symbolize racism," they'll squeal as if the dessicated corpse of Jefferson Davis were giving them a blowjob. "It's part of our Southern heritage! We're not celebrating racism or treason!" Ok, sure, you dumb motherfuckers, but all heritage isn't to be celebrated. You want some other piece of Southern (and not just Southern) heritage? Try this. Or this. Them trees be bearing strange fruit, alright, and the fruit's completely sour and eating through with worms.

Of course the flag symbolizes racism and treason. It was the symbol of a fucking group that seceded and started a war, committed the highest act of treason, (that's right, remember, bitches, you fired first) so they could own people simply because of their race. What is that if not the very definition of fucking racism and treason?

And the best part of it all is how these deluded schmucks think they get to call the rest of us unpatriotic after adorning this treasonous symbol all over their state flags, courthouses, and other government buildings (in the case of South Carolina, which has instigated not one, but two acts of treason, they call themselves "the most patriotic state in the Union). They bitch and moan if someone proposes to remove it from their flags. If I weren't getting so accustomed to it, the rank hypocrisy here would drive me insane to the point where I might want to, say, fuck Ann Coulter up the ass, hard (via The Rude Pundit.

I'll post later about why this whole thing makes me want to kick Lou Dobbs in the nuts and do other violent things to anyone who thinks the Minutemen Project is composed of anyone but racist rednecks who should, in a civilized society, be shunned. But of course, it's not then a surprise that people are talking about deputizing these pathetic fucks.