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Friday, April 15, 2005

Republicans Piss All Over Us, Case # 5326

I promised facts and hard-hitting, rude coverage of issues, as well as personal attacks in my first post! Thus, we here at Uncivil Discourse bring you the fucking non-issue of the day. By that I mean an issue that wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for the sniveling, simpering, slimy bootlicking shitmongers this blog is focused towards.

So I see all those motherfuckers in the House passed the bankruptcy bill last night. If there's been a more evil piece of legislation in my lifetime, I don't fucking remember it. The same end could've been reached by a bill reading "Visa card representatives have the legal right to break into your home, rape your wife for 20 minutes, and hit you in the face with a lead pipe; they are also be allowed to fuck you on the street at their desire while your children are forced to watch."

Good lord, it's that specific.

The gist of this piece of absolute shit (which as a symbolic statement, I would use as toilet paper if given the opportunity) is that it sprays bodily fluids (you pick which one, it's got one of those guns that can do any) on people filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Now most people who file for Chapter 7 are, well, poor. They don't have assets that can be liquidated and distributed to creditors. As of right now, Chapter 7 filings are 72% of non-business bankruptcy filings. 72 percent. That's a massive number, like the elephant penis the Republican collective in Congress wishes it had so it could swing it around, clubbing those who don't make over $1 million a year on the head. And it's because the other option, Chapter 13, puts you on a repayment plan where you have 5 years to pay off the addressed debts.

Remember now that our economy DEPENDS on making poor and middle class people go into debt. It's the gas that runs the entire engine of our vacuum of a system.

And now with your income above some arbitrary line, you'd have to go into Chapter 13, letting your creditors sodomize you with a plunger in the ruins of the house they've seized, since even if some creditors were denied by the original judgment, they can contest it. There's absolutely no distinction as to the debt, motherfuckers, absolutely none, which is what reveals this law to be as evil as it is. It doesn't matter if you went on a shopping spree or you had to put your kids through college, or if, say, your all but brain-dead wife has to be kept on a feeding tube for 15 years. No, motherfucker, you couldn't afford it, and now you have to pay. You don't even get the chance of merely having your credit run through steaming coals.

It should of course be noted here that this bill lets the rich walk away. No, this is nothing but class warfare. There's not even a justification for this other than some weak-toed babble about how personal bankruptcy bills are being "abused." The appropriate analogy here is that abuse of the banking system by money launderers means no one should be able to use banks, or that because some people drive drunk, nobody should be able to get driver's licenses. It doesn't happen often. At all. The percentage is ridiculously low.

They can't even make up some phony religious justification for this, like they can with discrimination against homosexuals. This is a law that in its simplest terms says "The rich are good, you are bad." If you're poor, it's because you're lazy and immoral and you cannot be trusted. It's like we were sucked into a world of Horatio Alger, a world where having a soul gives you a weekly paycheck. This is quite possibly crueler than any law in our history than the Fugitive Slave Act, and maybe even moreso than that, thinking about historical context and all. At least someone at some time went crazy and thought other acts were good for national security, etc. There's none of this here.

Look at the efforts to soften the bill that were rejected: attempts to raise the minimum wage, to cap interest at 30% (disappointing all the loan sharks out there, I'm sure), and shielding those who filed for medical reasons. There's no pretense of fairness here. They're just defecating on the unrich collectively.

It's a huge sop to those drug dealers known as credit card companies. That's what a credit card is, isn't it? It's a crack pipe on an installment plan. All these motherfuckers are depraved wads of crap who prey on the not so affluent like Ann Coulter feeds on the blood of Young Republicans. When the revolution comes, these asshats aren't going to be the first up against the wall if there's any justice, they'll be eaten, and so will their enablers in Congress. And who exactly are they?

Well, there's the entire Republican Party. In both Houses. Big surprise, I'm sure.

Then there are those insipid excuses for Democrats who should be flogged publicly for penance while they are spat on by legions of the poor. Who are they? Well, it's easier to list the ones who are at least clinging to some semblence of principle in the Senate: Akaka, Boxer, Feinstein, Schumer, Kennedy, Kerry, Reed, Rockefeller, Murray, Corzine, Lautenberg, Feingold, Levin, Obama, Durbin, Sarbanes, Mikulski, Lieberman (trust me, I'm as shocked as you are), Dodd, Leahy, Dorgan, Wyden, Harkin, Cantwell, and Dayton. They should all be commended, even if you're not their constituent. And all those other motherfuckers should be met with nice primary challenges when their term is up. Then there's Jim Jeffords, who decided it would be nice to be the credit card company's bitch. (Hillary Clinton can be spared spitting on, too...she missed the vote due to her husband needing surgery).

And in the House, 125 Dems and Bernie Sanders voted "Nay." The list is here if you decide you want to congratulate your Congressman or declare a vendetta against him.

It's about time we started thinking about how to respond to such barbarity, because this is the beginning. Medical "reform," tort "reform," and other metaphorical sodomizations of the notion of fairness are coming up the pike. So what do we do now?