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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Poor George Bush

Poor George Bush. You see, this man, this good fucking man, has been betrayed. For a man of such integrity and honesty, to be betrayed is possibly the most severe blow one can take.

You see, his own cuntish Secretary of State has decided Vladimir Putin is tightening his grip on power, declaring the increase in centralized power "very worrying." It was this week, after all, that Vlad pointed out that he is not constitutionally barred from running for a third term after 2008. Rumors have also been floated that Putin might be kept around as Prime Minister, with the country becoming more of a constitutional republic.

Yes, George Bush has been betrayed. You see, it was only two months ago that Putin re-emphasized his commitment to democracy to the freedom-loving Bush. This came several months after he ended direct election of Russia's governors and tightened his own control of the legislature, but George, he knows his men, and he's seen Vlad's soul. In that soul, he saw a man truly "committed to his country and the best interests of his country." Thus when Putin reassured him that Russia was not becoming undemocratic, Bush knew he was telling the truth, saying "I think Vladimir heard me loud and clear."

But now, this. And George Bush, who trusts those around him, who can trust his personal connections, suddenly can't. This lover of liberty has been lied to about democracy by someone he thought he had a connection with. I'm sure it's enough to make him rock in his room crying while listening to some sad, sad song about betrayal. After all, Putin is yet another person who has betrayed him. The list is large -- Jim Jeffords, the entire US intelligence apparatus, Richard "Self-Regarding Buffon" Clarke, Rand "Democratic Hack" Beers, and ultimately, those shameless partisan hacks and nepotists Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson. And that's just a partial list. But Putin was different. A man's soul shouldn't lie.

Perhaps he should call another close friend for comfort, another man whose soul Bush has seen, and who is a steadfast ally and a firm believer in democracy and freedom, someone who Bush thinks of as Bush thought of Putin. Together, they can talk about trust lost, and maybe then he can begin to trust again.