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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Jesus Loves The Little Wingnuts, But I Sure Don't

I hate the religious right.

No, it's not just a distaste for what they believe or how they go about it. See, I've had to deal with these motherfuckers my entire life...in school, on the school bus, on sports teams, and so on. It never fucking ends. Hell, it never BEGAN, it just always was. I've been spat on, I've had these pro-life assholes try to block me from entering a building, from letting me see Dogma, to attempted conversions, to hearing them go on about "the gays." I've been prayed for, I've been yelled at, I've been told I'm going to hell. Fuck, several of my exes, who were rather wingbatish Catholics, broke up with me for that reason. I even had one of these bitches tell me to my face "But you're such a good person...how can you be a pagan?"

They talk about love a whole lot, but these folks wouldn't know love if it bit them in the ass. It's hate mistaken for love. Blind hate. Nothing short of it.

The stories could go on and on. Because I'm brown, because I'm clearly not Christian, because I'm involved with various groups, these motherfuckers decide I need to be given a talking to, or perhaps just some of their spittle.

"But these guys aren't representatives of all Christians!" you might respond. I fucking understand that. It's not that difficult to. But you know what? My saying "I have friends that are good Christians, who are polite and tolerant and so on" is, well...look at how that shit just started. Now suppose it was "I have friends that are black!" or "I have friends that are gay!" It's bullshit.

It's the same thing, man. I'm clearly not talking about all Christians or all religions. I'm talking about those evangelical assholes who have decided the term "Christian" should refer to only them. You know it, and so do I, so let's just skip past this phase.

And it does't matter where they are. They're all the same. I've met them in New York, in Illinois, in Pennsylvania, in Georgia, in Michigan, in California, as well as in Washington. They're all the same breed. They don't stop. And they're so full of hate and shit it's coming out their anuses. They're smug. Hell, sure, I can be as condescending as the next person, but these motherfuckers just know they know better than us, because the Holy Spirit is in their hearts, and that's not something any evidence or argumentation can deal with.

They're also the rats that will jump off the ship they're helping sinking while the rest of us go down with it, because they're the fucking chosen people. And if you ask me, what they and their leaders need to be chosen for is a good, hard, sodomization, for the good of the country. These guys are vile. Jesus may save, but his self-appointed prophets are motherfuckers. They spread disease and hate. And, well, they have to be destroyed, because they won't stop. If Roe v. Wade is overturned, shit, they'll find some other cause to leap on. If we outlaw homosexuality, it won't be enough. They won't be content until we destroy every last thing that makes this country great, be it separation of church and state, independence of the judiciary, freedom of religion, and so on. And if they were reading this, they'd smile and nod in their delusional way, because they know that fundamentally the problem here is that I won't let Jesus into my heart. And they'll prance around, their penises inflating with every passing day that the cocksuckers in the Bush administration are in power, shoving their mighty evangelical dicks, erect with the power of "moral values" in all of our faces.

And it's all over, man. It just won't stop. Their reach is extending. And it's all because of repressed homosexuals like James Dobson and Jerry Falwell, whose own lives are so fucking pitiful and miserable they have to bring the rest of us down. These guys supported apartheid, ignored (or even praised) AIDS, and, shit, decided the Republican Party was the one true party of God. They're nothing but scum, if I hadn't made that clear before. They profess to be full of God's love, but they know absolutely nothing but hate for those who are different.

And in the late 90s, were't we almost free of them? It seems that way. Then came the Clinton impeachment and 9/11, which gave these dickwads a whole new lease on life. Monica Lewinsky and Osama bin Laden are the best things that happened to these ingrates, these insipid specimens. But at least now we have the balls to take them on, and a good number of us understand just how deep their shit runs. And it's all because of people like Larry Flynt, who exposed Falwell in the late 80s for the shitmonger he really is. He, James Dobson, and the like, are nothing but bitches. But before they were willing just to get used by politicians. Now they're coming for theirs.

Oh, we know these people are full of shit. But maybe of us are content just to roll our eyes and go on our ways, because we're certainly not anti-Christian. Fuck that. In the sense that these guys are Christian, I'm definitely anti-Christian, just as I'm anti-isolationism. It's the same fucking thing. Their Christianity is a political, superficial one that's an embarassment to all good Christians, no, to good people of all religions. They give the very notion of "religion" a bad name.