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Thursday, April 14, 2005

A great new standard

Billmon notes the striking similarities between the Bugman and a reptile. Frankly, I think the snapping turtle is cuter. It also isn't a shitlicking asshat who wishes he were Tony Montana while declaring Columbine happened because they taught evolution.

Billmon makes one mistake, though. DeLay didn't apologize. He ejaculated all over the press, which has apparently decided that's enough.

But if this is the new standard for apology, I'd like to get in on it. For example, I might say, "I apologize for screwing your daughter up her ass. You took it all wrong, and that's partially my fault. I was doing her in a very inartful way. I am sorry for doing that, and I won't do it again." Maybe I'd sneak in a "motherfucker."

Notice how I didn't apologize for fucking her? This is wonderful. Thank you, Tom DeLay, you son of a bitch.